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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 211)

Remember last week’s dramas? I was hoping we were all done with dramas, but not quite so, there was one more left and I’m still traumatised. Bella (10 months) pulled a chair onto herself, with it landing on her face, she has pushed her cute little eye tooth back up the gum, the gum is a horrible bruised colour, she may have damaged the tooth and it may be discoloured only time will tell.  Chairs now line the walls of the dining room, they no longer tuck under the table, they are added to my list of ‘watch out for’s’ along with water buckets, pool gates, reversing cars, lego pieces, marbles and…. all the many ‘possibles’ to be alert for with small children.

I used to have the ability of coping with living in a messy house for up to three days, which was fortunate as when we only had small children this was necessary for sanity. My time limit for coping is now less, unfortunately the children and my limits are not meshing, the majority of them don’t notice or don’t care about mess, though they are very good about cleaning when asked. PC cares though, he is awesome:)
I’m becoming aware that my previous method of ‘focus on lessons now and then clean later’ is making me agitated, I’m hurrying the children through lessons so we can clean up, with no winners all round. I’m not certain why I now need a visually clean environment for my brain to focus, why I’m mentally distracted by mess, when I used to be able to cope with mess but now no longer can. Solution anyhow is to be diligent in cleaning up daily, no ‘skipping’ clean up time, which comes down to my self -discipline, which is still my weak area.


Our gorgeous new niece, my brother’s first little girl, I’m just smiling to think of such a big guy with a tiny girl to dote on.They live in far away, interstate, in Tasmania, wishing we lived closer, I’d so love to sit and nurse this little one. There’s just something about babies:):)

Off to a book sale tomorrow with my girls and we’re pretty excited, looking forward to a girls morning out. True we already have thousands of books but you never know we might find some real treasures.  If need be we can cull our library to fit more in, promise, maybe;) We’re not expecting ‘great things’ though as last time they had no children’s books, can you believe it! They were told that no one was interested in children’s books! Be assured that many locals told them otherwise.

Talking books I spent literately hours today researching and selecting books for the children’s St Nicholas presents.  Most excited to discover Fr Coulter’s list of excellent Catholic fiction for older teens and adults. I’m really excited about this list and all books for my teens were selected from Father’s recommendations:) Ten books selected, just thinking I might buy PC a gift too, just cause:) After St Nick’s day I’ll come back and share, talking books be sure to catch my Mega List of Catholic Picture Books🙂

Sometimes you hear information, file it away and revisit later.  Over a year ago Anna Maria(21) was most enthused and shared with me about discovering her dress style via Dressing Your Truth, she gave me the book to read, I intended to read but hadn’t yet done so. Our Anna Maria always dresses so elegantly and her dress style certainly became more so after she did her profiling, which is why I’ve always intended to find my style. Anyhow Arianne’s post on Dressing my Truth has prompted me to finally read the book.  I easily could pick Anna Maria’s type but I’m having trouble picking mine, I need to go back and read each type with more care to discover me, if you’ve read the book that probably gives you a clue as to who I really am;) I suspect I know what type I am but… I don’t wanna be….sounds like I probably haven’t been dressing my truth all these years, just having a little adjustment here.  Rather humbling though that my daughter discovered herself at 19 and here I am in my 40s still searching.

Talking about knowing yourself, I think I might be an extrovert after all, I’m imagine my PC laughing when he reads this, he says I am. Though I’m certainly not on the extreme end, more in the middle. I don’t seem to fit the descriptions for either though, take extroverts – I don’t recharge by crowds, well I used to but I now live with crowds, kwim?;) I crave solitude these days.  Once I used to love going out, nowadays I’m happy in my hermit cave.  But I don’t fit introverts, certainly not this description though it is my daughter to a T. Yet like introverts I am recharged by deep conversations and always have done, so I’m still confused. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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  • Bron Maxabella

    Poor little Bella! And I just read last week's post and – oh my, Erin! I guess the more kids you have the more likely the injuries and upsets, which is just so stressful. I wouldn't make it through emotionally, you are lucky you are such a rock.

    I'm with you on the extro /intro thing – I'm a bit of an extroverted introvert, I think. I definitely don't recharge with crowds (in fact, I need a day to recover after a big event and not 'cause I have a hangover!), but I am very social and love the company of others for a while. I'd much prefer to be alone and do my own thing, though.

    It must be hard being constantly in a crowd when you crave alone time. I find three kids to be a crowd at the best of times…

    Hope Bella and Bass and the Carpenter and even the timber mill are all okay.

  • Erin

    Was the most difficult week in a long time. True there is more potential for more injuries. By the end I was a jelly not a rock.

    Extroverted/introverted, I think they need a new term for those who are in the middle or a new definition, when they say "recharge by crowds" well I recharge by good conversations and/or by quiet time.

    Well the difference is they are my crowd, so fine really.
    All settled now:)

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