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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 23)

The architect has already drawn up plans; we met with him this morning and made several alterations. It’s all coming along nicely, this will be a big house! I’m getting very excited.

The boys have been busy practicing out on the golf course range again:) I do so love the freedom that this land gives them.

The LOTR game is still going strong, even the younger ones have now joined in. The co-operation and imagination that has created this game amazes me.

Whilst the LOTR game is raging in the carport the littles have been playing with Farm Animals. This involves setting up bags of blocks and animals. Yes they are playing on the table, what can I say our house is small, there is no floor space.

Carpenter is in a big reading binge at present. I realised that many of the books that we own don’t really cater to his reading taste. We have so many historical novels, so now I am searching different genre; fantasy and mystery. As we have pretty conservative tastes its taking a bit of reasearch but so far this past fortnight he has enjoyed; The City of Ember, The Mysterious Benedict Society and Inkheart.

I also managed to spend some time cooking with my little ones, choc chip muffins:) Don’t you just love the apron and cooking cap Jelly Bean is wearing? Deanne made them for her birthday.

After reading Angela’s recommendation I finally purchased Working in the Reggio Way. I’m slowly reading, to be honest I’m not finding it easy going. Perhaps because it is written for teachers and I have to sit and mentally substitute the home environment. Maybe because I am reading late at night and its been a while since I have read anything heavier than Penderwicks on Gardam Street.

We had a lovely Nature Ramble down to the dam during one morning tea. We even managed to take our notebooks, I can’t tell you when we last managed that. It was so nice to get out in the sunshine, the end of winter is in sight.
Talking about this I’ve been considering on starting a blog initiative to encourage ‘beauty’ in our lives. A post at the end of the week where we share the beauty enjoyed that week; read alouds, craft, art, nature, CGS presentation, drama, etc So often these essentials can be considered extras and pushed to the side. So what do you think? Is it beneficial or would it be too much? Just one more thing? Perhaps there is no need? I’d love to hear thoughts and interest or not. I was also thinking on running a weekly post over at 4Real.

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  • Angel

    I like your idea for a weekly "beauty" post :-).

    You know, all the Reggio books take some translation, I think, for the reasons you said. I generally find myself having to read all the books more than once. I think it also matters what mental place you're in when you read them… I find it really hard to switch gears from thinking about my older kids to thinking about my younger ones, for instance, and haven't been able to get into a Reggio book in a long while.

  • Deanne

    Do you own the City of Ember? Can we borrow? We borrowed the DVD from Video Ezy during the autumn holidays and really loved it- didn't know it was a book until after the movie.
    BTW Jelly Bean looks so cute in the apron and cap!!! even if I do say so myself LOL!

  • Erin


    Thanks for sharing that, I was thinking it was me.

    Kathryn and Angela
    Thanks for the comments re the beauty idea. Have decided to go ahead with it just trying to finalise details, ie offical name, logo and when we share, I was thinking end of the week but don't want to clash with 7 Quick Takes. Ideas? Thoughts?

    We do own the book, in fact the children want me to buy the rest; its a series. I didn't know there was a movie; Carpenter will be ecstatic. JB does look cute I agree.

  • ~ Judy ~

    Can't wait to read more about the LOTR game! And I LOVE your "beauty post" idea…why you could devote an entire BLOG to it as we do with our online nature journal

    You could link it from this blog but sort of keep it separate too…just an idea for you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your beautiful family Erin!

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