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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 24)

Jem is now waving goodbye! and the last couple of weeks he has surprised us with bursting into tears when his big siblings leave for soccer. He has also mastered the concept of turning and sliding backwards off the bed. Too fast, too fast.

This week the children have been focused on Lego in a big way. Their creations are pretty terrific and of course take hours to build. We were blessed a couple of Christmases back to buy a huge lot of lego on ebay. Actually this is where we purchased a bulk lot of K’nex too. We’ve never regretted those purchases; have you noticed though how much harder it is to find decent presents for girls?

I’ve been busy learning the joys of Excel Pivot tables. I love pivot tables and excel spreadsheets;) I mastered a few new functions without PC’s help (who is brilliant with Excel) and feel so proud of myself. Anyhow if you’re interested you can see all here. The tabs at bottom take you to my new charts. These charts are up on the wall; the idea is each child fills in boxes with ‘their colour’ and can see at a glance what work they have done (and what they need to do;)

Koala has been busy studying for her driver’s license. She turns 16 at the end of the month and will be eligible for her Learner’s Permit. Bittersweet moments, but we are so proud of the young lady she is.

I’ve been catching up on my reading this week; I managed to read the final book in Anne Perry’s World War 1 quintet and have a book review percolating on this series, so stay tuned for that. I’ve also caught up with PC and the children and finished The Mysterious Benedict Society and The City of Ember. (I’ve ordered the rest!) Plus read a couple of Gary Paulsen books, Koala and I both found Dogsong boring, but the last of the Hatchett books was interesting(this was the one the library had.) I also read three of Dee Hendersen’s O’Malley series, a Christian thriller/romance series which were riveting and passed them on to Koala who devoured them within 24 hours. I’m ready for a new author, any suggestions?


Well my brother (and godson) Kieren flew out for the seminary yesterday. Please pray for him as he starts this journey:) (Kieren is 2nd on the left, amongst our brothers)

Spring is only weeks away!! Truly the weather is mild, beautiful and sunny. Next month we will be at the beach for our Annual Catholic Homeschoolers camp and Einstein will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

Thank you to those of my readers who responded in the affirmative to a ‘beauty post’ initiative. Due to your enthusiasm I have decided to ‘take the plunge’. Pop back in later today to see the launching of Treasured Moments:)

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  • ~ Judy ~

    GREAT photo of some fine young men!
    WOW!!!! Catholic Homeschool camp at the beach! Awesome!
    And I can't tell you how I LOOONGGGGG to understand and be able to function within SPREADSHEET….I have SUCH SUCH SUCH trouble with it!
    I applaud you Erin!
    Think I might try my hand at Quick Takes.
    And I LOVE the Treasured Moments title!!! Can't wait!

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