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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 27)

Our favourite Maths program is expanding to include the primary grades. Grades 4 to 6. Exciting news is this to be released for Term 4. Only two weeks away! Don’t forget for Australians this is free! And for all homeschoolers there is a discount of 40%.

School holidays start today, a two week break. I’ll be pulling my ‘Project Manager’s hat’ on to start the building happening.

I’m trying to be a little more organised regards lesson preparation.
I know many have long raved about Dawn’s File Crate System but it all sounded too overwhelming for me. It has taken me all this time to come to terms with trialing it in a small manner, in my style. So on the weekend I photocopied all the colouring for the upcoming Feast days and instructions to make roses (we never made them) and angels. I also photocopied and prepared the Little Saints Preschool sheets for the week. Okay I’ll be really honest, I prepared the first days’ work and ran the rest of the week trying to play catch up.
I then hung five folders inside a clear plastic tub and separated each days work into appropriate folders. It did help to be more organised. So its a start, yes?

I actually started exercising this week. Two mornings this week PC and I headed out early for a walk around the property. It’s a good 4 km walk, we even managed to catch sight of the kangaroos that early.

I’ve found a new ‘favourite’ site. Abebooks makes book buying from the States so much cheaper. admittedly they are second hand but in great condition generally. BetterWorld’s postage of $4 is fantastic, but of course Book Depository still rank as top with FREE postage and cheap prices.

In typical weather patterns for this area we seem to have skipped spring and headed straight into summer. So the children and I will be heading down to the river for some cooling off in the holidays.

My overlocker has finally come back from receiving a service. Hopefully in the holidays Koala and I may finally start making her spring dress that we purchased the materials for last holidays.

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