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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 29)

Our Development Application has been handed in to Council! Processing should take 4 weeks, so all going well, we will start building, November 16th!

Koala went in for her driver’s license; she passed her written test and now has her Ls!! She’s very excited and we are pretty proud of her:)

PC built a super deluxe Chook House! Actually the photo does not really do it justice. Just in time too, as the roof blew off the old Chook Shed this week.
*Chook is Australian for Chicken.

Please continue to Storm heaven for my friend Gae’s house to sell. Its been a long, hard road with no end in sight. Pray the house sells and Gae and children can be re-united with Stephen.

I’m currently working on my Spring menu. For the last year or more our diet has been rather boring, I’m looking for more variety and healthier recipes. I’ll share when organised. Apparently my readers like talking kitchen organisation. I received more hits for my monthly shop post than nearly any other.

Well I’m in love! I’ve discovered Gantt charts, (thanks to our friend Al:-). A while back I became a firm convert to Excel spreadsheets and tables. Gantt charts are another function of Excel, just perfect for the building Project Manager. By typing in all the details of what to order, when, who to hire, who is scheduled to do what task etc I can easily keep my finger on the pulse and ensure (hopefully) a smooth run. At a glance, totally visual.

Well we are coming to the end of holidays, a lovely relaxed break and I am going back rather refreshed and eager to start. I have not felt like this in a long time. This is a great place to be. One day I may talk more about the journey I have traveled in the last several months, and the lessons I have learnt.

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