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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 38)

Last week I shared I was trying to decide whether to tackle my clutter now, or when we move into the extensions. After readers’ encouragement, I decided to just dive in and begin. So far 9 Garbage bags have left the house!! I shared with the children Jessica’s ’40 Bags for Lent’ and they have been rather challenged to continue.
*The children begged me to write to Jessica and confirm her bag size. They are not garbage bags but brown paper bags. Whew, we may make 40 bags at that size.

Thanks to a laundry tip from a friend, Jem’s nappies now smell much nicer.
Wash in hot water and on longer wash.

Whilst discussing domestic matters; I’ve been googling recipes on how to make dishwasher powder. Has anyone experience in using home made powder? PC is not convinced this is safe practice for the dishwasher.

We have been struggling to complete all of our lessons each week. This week we have begun work at 8am. It is simply amazing how much more work is done by morning tea break:)

I’ve been really enjoying Bringing Up Geeks. This book is encouraging great conversations in our house. PC, Koala and I are all vying for the book. Yes, it is a parenting book, but my daughter is obviously a geeky kid. lol. The older boys are also wanting to read it too. They read the GEEK acronym definition and are proudly declaring themselves Geeks.
*There are some chapters not suitable for them, it is written for parents not children.

Koala and her friend are reading their way through their identical dictionaries. Quirky girls:)

We have just purchased a little car, a Holden Barina. This will cut our petrol bill in half,
now we need to sell the Commodore. The yard looks like a car yard at present.

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  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    Homemade dishwasher powder?!?
    OK…you've got me curious…I make my own laundry soap, but hadn't considered THIS great idea…off to see what I can find!

    And my Laura would do well with your quirky girls…she LOVES reading a thesaurus!!!!

    I have never even HEARD of those kinds of cars before…but I hope you ENJOY your new one!

  • Anne (aussieannie)

    I feel a bit embarrassed, but I was able to collect 40 black bags of rubbish and boy was it liberating!! Never again, though! I will never let that much stuff accumulate in my home like that again. We started that the week before renovations, it worked well.

  • Legolas

    I found some good recipes, just have to talk dh into agreeing.
    I just bought K a thesaurus too:) She loves it. Isn't it wonderful having quirky girls? They're the best!
    Cars are Holdens, Australian makes.

    Liberating indeed, yeah for you:)
    Very timely. So thrilled you are doing renos.

  • Autumn

    Dear Mrs H,
    We tried homade dishwashing powder last year. We worked out it didn't save any cost and wasn't as good at washing dishes as the bought powder.The homade dishwashing powder left the glasses streaky,and didn't clean the plates well at all. I also don't think it is very safe to use because of some of the things in it.
    Good on Koala and her friends ! I enjoy reading dictionarys and encyclopedias for fun.

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