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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 39)

Have you got scratched DVDs/CDs?
Carpenter trialed an experiment method and it works!
Place your DVD in its case, in the freezer overnight. When you play no more jumps, or only minimal, depending on the severity of scratches. 🙂

We had the building inspector out for a framing inspection this week. He was most impressed:) Rather a relief.

As swimming squad ends for the term, I am reflecting upon the connection between sports discipline and lesson discipline. In our home, I often see a direct increase in lesson application when sports discipline plays a bigger role.

Sometime soon I plan on writing a review on our highschool Geography choice this term.
For now I’ll just shout, “I am so impressed with World Physical Geography by Brenda Runkle.”

Where do I purchase books from?
Book Depository is my favourite online provider. Cheap prices, FREE postage worldwide! and fast and excellent service. UK based.
Better World is my next ‘port o’ call’ Good prices, $4 -8 postage worldwide, generally fast and amusing and helpful service. US based.
AbeBooks is also worthwhile checking. Many books are 2nd hand in good or better cond. This can make many books more affordable. The service of Abe books is good but limited. I was caught out in their return policy due to international rates.

Jelly Bean knows 80% of her single sounds. This is very encouraging, although at present all she wants is to play. I’m fine with that.

I’m pondering on just how much a well read child learns. Today I was discussing the Sepoy Mutiny with Einstein, his sibling chimed in with further information, lots of information. The love of reading good books, is a gift indeed.

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