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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 4)

Jem rolled over today! Technically he has done so before today but this time I saw him:)

Today our little ones participated in a Questacon Science Funplay. (Photos and details to come later) I was very proud of my older children’s attitudes, they started their work last night, continued early this morning and took their work to town and completed it whilst the younger ones were at the Questacon. They are becoming very diligent about completing their set work. I feel they are ready to be extended further, discussions and plans are underway. I’ll share my great ideas when they are all nutted out.

After today’s Science Funplay I am planning on setting up some science centers at home. This will be an activity we will do once a week, on a set afternoon to ensure it happens. The older children have requested that they do not be left out of the fun and that I have centers for them too. You can guess what I will be planning over the weekend.

Wednesday night I went out with some friends, all mums from our homeschooling group. It was partly in honour of my close friend Deanne and my birthdays and also to have a mum’s night out. I haven’t done this for years, actually never with this group of friends, it was a lovely night.

Carpenter saw the dentist today. He is going to need a filling and is feeling rather anxious. The problem tooth is rather brown through no fault of his own. Apparently the DNA in this tooth (6yr old molar) was set in utero to ‘be brown.’ It would have occurred when I had a flu. Now how incredible is that! Please keep him in your prayers.

PC and the boys are currently engrossed in watching the cricket. I have to confess that I fail to see the attraction of sport on television. They roar and leap to their feet periodically; they are happy.


At the risk of being considered nutty I share this photo with you. The previous mess of pencils never inspired the children like these individual coloured tins have. Each child has mentioned a few times that they really like the pencils like this; art creations have increased.

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