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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 44)

I’ve just finished re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books. I even read Rilla of Ingleside, which I haven’t tried since I was a teenager, when I cried for a week. I managed to only cry a little this time.

We spent a large part of this week supporting Koala as she researched and wrote a job application for a casual library assistant position. If you can spare a prayer that she gets an interview it would be much appreciated.

We are starting to take bookings for our annual home-education camp. All Australian Catholic families are most welcome. I’ll be back with more details soon.

I have joined Face-Book for the purpose of advertising camp. I’ll be honest, I’m not real comfortable, I’m out of my element. However of one thing I am certain of, if I struggle with the whole ‘friends’ thing, there is no way my children would be able to join FB without me monitoring and guiding. It’s a whole ‘nother culture folks, some teens do not ‘get it.’

I’ve been captivated by Elizabeth Esther’s blog. Her incredible story of escaping a ‘cult church‘ has me mesmerised. Her ‘realness’ about motherhood, especially Christan motherhood has me nodding.

We made Kendra’s Black Forest cake for Carpenter’s birthday. It looked great, perhaps not as stunning as Kendra’s but still had the troops circling until party time. Although the consensus was it wasn’t as rich as our chocolate mud cake. However nary a crumb is left;)

Remember my history quest? Yesterday we took photos of the memorial plaques of the tragedy and visited a second cemetery. This time we were unsuccessful in finding the graves of the other boys lost in the tragedy. However I enlisted further help and invited my dear friend Margaret and my daughter Koala to go ‘grave hunting.’ We took each row systematically and found them. Then we spent a delightful hour in the cemetery reading headstones and wondering about the stories behind them. Only a little glimpse, if only we could learn the tales. I have so many more questions I want answered about local history.
I’m a blessed woman indeed to have a daughter and friend who are as odd as I;)
Thank you my dear daughter and friend{{}}

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  • Debbie

    1. I read all the Anne of Green Gables books for the first time in college. Don't know how I missed them before that. Still my favorite.
    4. Facebook – shouldn't be for kids under high school age. They have no ability to know what should be posted and what shouldn't. I am amazed at what some adult friends post.

  • Vee

    The home-education camp sounds fabulous! I wish I didn't live on an entirely different continent!

    And Facebook is tricky business. I'm on it, but I've got all sort of safety/privacy locks on it. I'm on for sharing about Paper Dali and also, quite frankly, because I work from home and homeschool and get sick a lot, I enjoy some of the conversations with friends on it. But it's tricky in that people come out of the woodwork. There's a whole debate on whether to "friend" someone and two camps of thought. I have declined people from high school and my darker past (I'm a Catholic revert). As long as you know that the power is in your hands and tread along carefully, you'll be all right. But absolutely no way my kids are going on it for a long time and not without heavy monitoring.

    Eep. I didn't mean to write a whole book there. Sorry! LOL

  • Fe

    A little off topic, but you _did_ mention Anne:-)
    Puggle (6 yo ds) is loving our current read alouds, 'Little House in the Big Woods' and 'Understood Betsy' (I am too:-) ). But it's got me wondering. Is there anything similar, but _Australian_?
    We're going to investigate maple cand and the like… but they're quite 'alien'. Do_you_ know of any Australian chapter books, with young protaganists (up to about 9/10 is probably what I'm looking for), that talk about how you _do_ stuff? Like the churning butter/cooking/smoking meat/maple sugaring? I can't believe there's _nothing_, but I have never come across any… Norah Linton is too old, and already knows everything, and the 7 little Australians, I've always thought of as more equivilent to Litle Women.
    Any suggestions?

  • Marilyn

    Dear Erin

    You are such a kindred spirit. I wish I could chat with you on everything from Anne with an "e" to how I hate Facebook.

    I miss being in touch – but with our Spring schedule, my online time has disappeared.

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