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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 45)

David recently sat for another CPA exam. To be honest he really struggled to find time to study this semester. I wonder why;)??
I am so proud of my husband, it is not easy raising 8 children, building a house, holding down a job and studying as well. Frankly, he is awesome!

A discussion over at 4Real has had me pondering my little ones.
Today I had the opportunity to really focus on my soon to be 4year old, of course Jem at 20months had to be included too.
We had a lovely time; tonguing and spooning ‘craft balls’, matching fabric cards, colour cards and working on fraction puzzles. The boys worked for two hours!!

Michelangelo, Princess, Jelly Bean and I are enjoying reading Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nihm. I am committed to getting into a regular read aloud pattern again.

Michelangelo, Princess, Jelly Bean have been spending hours down in the bush building…. a secret project;)

We have been working hard with Jack Jack to explain just what we mean by ‘good behaviour’ in Church. I realised that simply stating, “I expect you to behave” is really a little abstract. Therefore Michelangelo and I drew up cards demonstrating appropriate and inappropriate behaviour on two cards. In the interest of being ‘real’ here, yes these cards also sport pictures of rewards or loss of rewards for said behaviour. It’s working! his behaviour is immensely better.

I would like to reassure my congregation and priest that Jack Jack was not simply talking during the consecration last week, he was talking theology.
Me: Look at the altar, see in Father’s hands, Jesus is coming soon.
JJ: That’s not Father, that’s God.
Me: No it’s Fr.
JJ: It’s God! (tone is louder)
Me: Shh, Jesus is nearly here.
JJ: Jesus is dead, he died on the cross.
Me: Yes, but he rose again.
JJ: He didn’t rise again, Jesus is dead. He rose at Easter but it’s not Easter now, he’s dead.

JJ begins pointing out the crucifixes in the Church, exclaiming Jesus is dead on the cross and it’s not Easter anymore. I debate the wisdom of trying to hush him now (and fix his theology later) or should I take him out. We’ll be even more conspicuous by this stage. Communion comes, Father gives him a long blessing. I thank God for an understanding priest, and for a sense of humour.

I have just finished reading Jodi Picoult’s House Rules. The story of a teenage boy with Asperger’s who is charged with murder. Picoult has done extensive research and does an incredible job of taking you into the world of Asperger’s Syndrome. My friend Tricia is also articulate in explaining life with 2 sons on the autism spectrum.

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