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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 50)

This week was the last week of Term 2. We spent time doing something a little different for us. The children sat for exams, based on the work covered in the last six months. PC will be marking as I’m too soft, lol. The children assured me it was alot of fun and they’d love to do it again.

Holidays for most homeschool mums really mean time to catch up on cleaning projects. I have a long list, I’m going to keep a running list on the sidebar as I achieve my goals. Anything for motivation;)

Not all my holiday projects will be cleaning. One pleasure I’m looking forward to is spending time cataloguing our library. There is obviously no way I shall complete the project, but I’d like to begin. A few years ago my darling PC bought me a bar scanner and the Readerware program, I begun to catalogue then but the project was put aside when half our library was stored. It’s time to begin again:)

Last week I sorted our Faith books into various sub-catagories, we have some real treasures to read. I’ll be able to share them once I catalogue. The program allows me to email the file to friends, you only need to ask.

We are now proud owners of a “label maker”:) Inspired by these crazy ladies;) when I saw a Brother P touch 1010 for half price I knew it was meant to be. Michelangelo and Princess have worked out how to operate it (surely I can have a play soon..) and Princess spent a happy hour this afternoon labeling boxes in our craft cupboard. They look very impressive.

Talking libraries, I don’t believe I’ve ever told the tale of “The Day I was Locked in the Library.”‘A couple of years ago I had an appointment in a nearby town with a client(NFP), arriving early I decided to fill the hour with visiting the library sans children. Nestling in for some unexpected quiet time the hour flew by. I suddenly realised it was time for my appointment when I noticed the complete quiet. Heading to the door I discovered patrons and staff were gone! and I was locked in!! The library was so small the lone librarian locked up for lunch, engrossed in my book I hadn’t heard her call, “time” and she hadn’t seen me. Feeling like a thief I hijacked the library’s phone and rang my client and then my husband to announce, “I’m locked in the library” Can you imagine the shock the librarian received when she returned. Perfect location to be locked in:)

The weather is so cold at present, it has been 11C (51.8F) today, and I just can’t get warm. My bones have been aching, years ago I broke both my wrists and I’m feeling them now. “Yes little brother I should have listened to you, I should never have got on that bike, you were right and I was wrong, happy?”

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  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    Enjoy the holidays.
    If you want cold I believe it didn't get above 2 degrees her eto day with a massive frost last night.
    I als had to leave th house early to take Stephen to work and Autumn to the dentist
    Have fu with the lael maker
    Blessings and Love

  • Angel

    How do you like Readerware? I go back and forth about the benefits of cataloguing our books — whether it's worth the time, will I forget I've done it, blah, blah, blah. Years ago I started trying to do a database manually, but didn't get very far.

    As far as the cold goes… LOL… little sympathy here, (except for the wrists that ache!)… can you believe that it was almost that cool here yesterday, and we are having *summer* here??? Fortunately, it should warm up this weekend!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Erin

    Have a wonderful holiday! All the best with your cleaning/de-cluttering projects, and best of all your cataloguing. Can't wait to see the end result.

    Looking forward to catching up when we get back.


  • Erin

    2C!!Oh so glad I live up here.

    I love Readerware, I started out with Library thing but that is only good for about 1000 books, as we have much more than that readerware was a much better option. I'll do a blog post for you soon on its features.
    Good time to buy it for you now, you could scan your books as you unpack them.

    I thought of you as I wrote about our cold and could imagine your reaction. lol

    Indeed a great place to be 'locked into' 😉

    Have a lovely time away, don't think I'll have the cataloguing done before your back though. lol

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