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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 57)

I have been researching acne; causes and management.  We have just ordered The Dietary Cure for Acne – Pr Loren CordainMajor dietary changes are afoot for our household, frankly it is far easier to convince a teenager to change if everyone is eating the same.  Many years ago we were vegan and ate predominately a macrobiotic diet.  So fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat we can do.

Term 3 holidays start today!  We all have plans, the children want to swim in the River on a regular basis, we can do that:) My list is growing too; an op-shop hunt for books, work on my liturgical year spreadsheet and entering books into our Readerware catalogue for a start.

We are considering taking a break from sporting commitments Term 4.  Mostly a decision dictated by finances.  So I’m researching cheaper recreation options for a larger family. 

Reflecting on Term 3; I’m happy with progress, not only skills but self-discipline.  However I still struggle with making lesson time for our youngest three.  I’m determined to spend time considering and planning for them these holidays.

A couple of weeks back I ordered a pile of multiplication picture books for Princess.   They were a BIG hit and have finally captured her interest in mulitplication.  I promise to share titles sometime soon.

I’m rather surprised to realise I am 14 weeks pregnant already.  I suppose I should start thinking about doctor’s visits sometime in the next month.

PC is rather excited, this is the first weekend in ages that we no commitments!  Other than Jem’s birthday tomorrow that is:)

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