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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 6)

For several days this week PC and three of the children were away visiting family. It was indeed very different with only five children. The house was much quieter and the washing greatly reduced, we felt like we were on a mini holiday. I did however manage to spend some special time with the remaining children, particularly the little ones. What was surprising though was just how much the remaining children missed the visiting ones. Jelly Bean in particular was always wanting to ring and the boys were not adverse to chatting away too. I pray they will be like that when they are older. It goes without saying I missed my husband and children too.

Whilst I’ve been busy uploading Lenten links at Faith Filled Days, I’ve been planning our own Lenten observances. If all plans come to fruition (do they ever?) we will be enjoying a Jesus Tree courtesy of Jessica at Shower of Roses. Anne has convinced me that I can indeed make our own. I have also made up a Lenten calendar like Jessica’s, but because my younger ones would enjoy it so much we are also going to enjoy Charlotte’s calender. Of course Lent wouldn’t be complete without
our Crown of Thorns observance. And finally this year we will be observing the Stations of the Cross courtesy of Ruth’s magnificent idea. Definitely as I have purchased the candles!
And we will be reading our way through our books.

Carpenter had his first dental filling, I was so proud of him, despite being rather anxious he handled it all very well. The dentist tells me at some stage he will have to have the tooth crowned. Did you know that teeth’s DNA can be affected in the womb? Apparently at some stage during my pregnancy with him I must of had a fever and that pre-staged his tooth to be dis-coloured and pre-disposed to problems. How incredible is that?

I have just received some lovely goodies from Sacred Heart. A couple of the most exciting items are Geography Songs and Little Saints Pre-School Program. I’ll be back to review them in a week or two, and I haven’t forgotten that I promised to review some books previously mentioned.

I am still knitting Jem’s nappy cover, I haven’t forgotten that I promised to show the finished product but it is far from finished. Prince Charming is not so charming when he makes rude comments regards Jem no longer needing said object by the time it is completed. The impetus is his current pilchers are fast diminishing in number and I refuse to replace them so as to motivate myself.

We love garage sales, there is something so thrilling about finding a bargain. Our recent find is a solid square children’s table with four solid chairs. Lovely timber and an extra feature is the drawer underneath. The children are constantly sitting at the table engrossed in their work.

It was the anniversary this week of my Father’s death, it has been four years. I’ve been thinking and praying alot. Relationships are complicated sometimes, his death left alot of unresolved issues, but it is true, time does heal by the Grace of God.

Visit Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes, and be sure to say a prayer for Jennifer as she is scheduled for a cesarean on Monday next week.

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