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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 61)

Last week PC and our three teens attended the Christus Rex Pilgrimage.  Walking 90km in freezing rain, suffering blisters and hardships is an experience they’ll always remember. 

To attend took a two day car trip each way. Koala took advantage of this and clocked up nearly another 30 hours of driving.  107 hours down only 13 more hours till she will be ready for her driving test!

The Sunday they were away I attended Sunday Mass with just my five youngest.  As I wrestled with our 2year old and tried to keep the 4yr old settled I thought anew how blessed I am that PC is a practising Catholic.  I salute all women and men who take their children to Mass on their own. A feat indeed.


The new Ranger’s Apprentice book (No. 10) is out. Our teens were at the bookstore first thing on the day of release!  If you aren’t already a fan we highly recommend this series.

I wasted time earlier this week reading a blog written by a women who had left the Patriarchal movement.  She really disturbed my spirit, she was very angry and had also ‘left’ God. Once again I have renewed my vow to only read material that enhances my sense of peace.

Coming home late at night PC and I once again spotted two unidentified mammals in our shed yard.  We think they are either Bilbies or Bettongs  Bilbies are endangered, and not normally seen in this area, and the mammals we are seeing are bigger than the Bettongs and Bilbies but we can’t identify them. We are going to attempt photographs.

I’ve been making serious inroads into entering our library collection into our Readerware program.  I’ve completely entered all books from three bookcases,  the three picture book bins, and am now working through the long bookcases up the middle of the room.

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