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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 68)

Are you all familiar with the ‘Follower’ widget?  Well I’d like to unfollow someone –  myself!  I can not tell you how I came to be following myself,  nor I can’t work out how to unfollow myself either. Help.

When I couldn’t find sheets for my bed last night I knew the moment could no longer be delayed, it was time to de-clutter my linen cupboard.  It was overwhelming, it was difficult, but it is now complete!  I have two garbage bags full of tired sheets and doona covers to be tossed and I feel like I have shed a huge weight.  As I worked I pondered on just how many material possessions the average family owns, and admit it can all be a burden.

I also spent time this week re-organising the shipping container, this then meant I could move some items from PC’s shed to the container.  Furniture, filing cabinet, stationery,  camping gear, sporting equipment, items that clutter up his shed.  I also advertised on our local recycle board and moved along, a cupboard and window:)  Now comes the tricky part, his shed needs a little re-organising to take advantage of new found space, however as with most Australian men, he is rather territorial about his space.  So my job is probably done, just when we were getting to the fun part:(

With a break in the rains I finally made a reconnoiter of my overgrown garden.  I should simply call it a jungle, all the rains meant I didn’t harvest a great deal. With the price increase of fruit and vegetables set to go still  higher as the floods ravage Australia, I will have to make a very real commitment to a productive garden.  Anyone want to join me?

The Gluten-free Almond Flour Cookbook has arrived.  Carpenter’s first recipe trialed was  a ‘Banana and Choc-chip cake’, so moist, so delicious!  It truly was better than any cake I have ever tasted!!

I’m still on my Australian History binge, the more you read of our history, the more you realise what ill-prepared, brutal and corrupt origins we had.  Then again we were after all a penal colony, that was the sole reason for Britain claiming this land, a land they ‘conveniently’ ignored was already occupied.  However this adversity and the sheer nature of the land herself, is part of what makes us uniquely Australians.

PC will finish plastering the first three rooms tonight, this means tomorrow we are going to pick up paint!!! I can’t believe we are going to be painting this weekend:):)  Only one teeny problem, we haven’t yet agreed on paint colour.

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  • ~Michelle @ Don't Eat That Cookie~

    What fun visiting your blog this week!

    Regarding number 1: Log into blogger. Go to your "dashboard." Scroll down to your Reading List. Under the "Blogs I'm Following" tab at the bottom are the "Add" and "Manage" buttons. Click "Manage." This will yield the whole list of blogs you follow. Find yourself, then click on "Settings." You may need to log in again at this point. Then you have the option to choose, "Stop Following this Site." And there you go!

    Good luck!

  • blissful_e

    Just came by your site from Conversion Diary, and I'm laughing about you not having a paint colour picked out! We just went through this about two months ago, and we're so happy with the results. Have fun with the paint cards!

  • Martianne

    Your painting bit made me giggle. My husband and I agreed on colors for my son's room when he was in utero. That was 5 years ago and the paint is still in the garage! Life moves too quickly!!!!

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Erin, Praying for your paint decision. It's a bigger thing for me, because it's so, so, PERMANENT. I'm not a sanguine that changes colors all the time! And sometimes it's hard for dh to see the same vision. Dave finally gave me the green light on colors I picked and after painting, he loved them.

    And as far as the burden of possessions, I've been on the same wave length. It's another cross for families because we have to have some possessions — and stewarding that is so hard. It's a burden!

  • Erin

    Thank you:) now fixed.

    Wow, so many comments about paint and from so many new readers:) Welcome and thank you for your support. It is exciting to be finally at this place.

    Arr and thank you 'Priest's wife' for your comment about Australian Catholics:) Do you know many of us?

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