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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 69)

A great find this week, a local book sale!  I bought lots of Australian Nature books, precious OOP books.  It was so refreshing to talk to a seller who really knows books, and we discovered he has a store in a nearby local village.  We’ll be back. Best part was I was with a friend (and several of our children) at the time so we could share our joy and finds together:) Well we enjoyed ourselves, even if some of the children professed otherwise. As we drove home I smiled at my friend, “Well that was lots of fun”  from the seat  behind came her 11year old daughter’s droll voice, “Well that is a matter of opinion.”  I was in stitches.

Talking books I’m seriously considering some changes in our library. I’m not entirely happy with the bookcase up the middle of the room.  I’d like to open the room more by taking it out and placing a lounge in the middle to encourage reading in the library.  So what to do with all the books?  I’m thinking shelves on brackets above the wall bookcases and a major cull.  I’m trying to decide what to beg for the most as my upcoming birthday present, shelving or rain gutters, I’d love both;)

PC and I did make it to the Hardware Store to purchase paint, I had a humiliating moment though when a close friend found us (well me ) having a ‘heated discussion’ in the paint aisle. At 8.00am I thought I was safe.


With all the plastering occurring here Jack Jack understands the importance of dust masks.  He felt St Joseph needed one, when I asked Why? His response was, “He needs a mask, he has lots of dust, he’s a Carpenter.”:)

We’ll start back with formal lessons next week; plans are in place, stationery purchased, new printer set up and pencils sharpened.  A huge year ahead, children in Grades 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 1 and Pre-school. Two children to prepare for their Sacraments and our baby is due in March!

Our teen is on a course of Probiotics further undertaking our regime to manage the acne. After a matter of days the inflammation has receded and skin is even healing!   Praying hard that we may have tipped the scales in our battle.

Koala has just attended Campion College Summer Camp.  She had a wonderful time and achieved many firsts with aplomb; her first plane trip, travel on her own, a week away with strangers etc.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself; the social experiences, the lectures, all the new experiences.  She even got to meet Aussie Therese’s Sam. We are thrilled she had this opportunity and that all went well and are very grateful to have her home again.

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