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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 7)

Visited the Dentist today, my mouth is a patchwork of fillings. We do not eat a highly processed, sugary diet but it seems to be every time I have a child I need another filling. So I came home angry; angry with the price of dentistry and angry with my teeth. I’ve made a decision, the holes are only small they can stay unfilled. Oh and I will floss more regularly as that is my main problem.

I’ve been pretty sick this week; fevers, very sore throat and splitting head. This has passed through everyone to varying degrees the last children are now sick. PC who was the only one to escape has taken the last three days off work to look after me. He is indeed a treasure:) On a good note my scales tell me I’ve lost three kilos, bad note is scales are unreliable but I am certain I have lost some weight.

I’ve found a new author I’m enjoying. Margaret Frazer writes the Dame Frevisse Medieval Mysteries. I find it very hard to find new authors for myself. I love mysteries. Any suggestions?

Today as I have recovered I have been helping a dear friend set up her blog. She wanted a three column template and was having difficulty, I offered to help and finally we have fixed the problem. The great news is this is one blog you will want to read, I’m very excited. Be sure to stay tuned for The Announcement.

Last Friday I shared our plans for Lent. Last night we prayed the Stations of the Cross with our votive candles. I’m pretty excited as I’ve actually managed to start most of our plans and it’s only nine days into Lent. Well yes, I was pasting pictures onto votives minutes before prayers, but my sons were impressed with the fact that we still had lots of Lenten Fridays left.

PC and I need to take a serious look at revising the children’s expected lesson workload. Some of the older ones are capable of far more than they are doing.
One of the disadvantages of creating your own curriculum is not always being sure how much should be achieved. The issue of comparing isn’t always useful either as I have a couple of speed readers, so to assign a book for the week to them would be very easy. Then to assign one essay to another child who writes nearly as fast as she reads isn’t that challenging either. So any ideas on how to challenge and what to expect?

Another order arrived from ‘Kookaburra’ yesterday. ‘Kookaburra’ is our regions’ supplier to schools for all their stationary and craft needs. They have opened an account for the homeschoolers too:) The children were excited by all sorts of items yesterday; popsticks, hot glue sticks, erasers, rulers, felt etc. My friend Deanne tells me a hilarious story that I can just picture; her mailman arrived one day with a box and was mobbed by her five boys, they took one look at the company logo and were jumping up and down excitedly exclaiming, “Glue, glue” she says he looked very bemused. Homeschool kids, ‘they’re a weird mob’.

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