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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 70)

Praying for North Queenslanders as they deal with the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, the biggest cyclone to hit Australia.  So very, very  grateful to hear my friend Jenny fared well.

We began lessons for the new year this week.  Truly a fantastic beginning for all children!  Promising to be the best year yet:):)

Don’t think all our homeschool years have been a ‘bed of roses’ some have been filled with thorns.  One day I may share more, but for now I share, maturity works wonders regards attitude and application.

It appears that Jack Jack is keen to learn to read, I’ve never had one of our boys interested this young. However I’ve been this round a few times, interest now can turn to dis-interest shortly and stay like that for months, or years.  Still I wonder, does the fact that he has two older sisters immediately above him play a part. 

Teenagers never want to go to bed!  PC and I find this means it is very difficult to find ‘us’ time. With the new year beginning we instituted a bed/bath routine.  Discovering “time for bed” was not working because baths still had to occur, late at night I added baths to the ‘time slot’ too.  Goal is to have lights out by 10pm on a weekday night.  It is working to an extent, the only problem is the heat, with temperatures of 37C (98.6F) it is too hot and humid to eat or sleep until much later than usual.
We signed our primary children up for Maths Buddy, unfortunately grades K & 1 won’t be ready for another month.  Remember it is 40% off for homeschoolers!
All we ask is that you email us documentation supporting that you are a homeschooler within one month of commencing your Maths Buddy membership.
I just sent a link to my learning blog and this blog.

I enjoyed Sarah’s post What’s Working, What’s Not, so much I’m thinking I think I may do a few reviews myself.  I love reading about other people’s curriculum choices and how learning plays out in their homes.

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