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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 72)

We have a bat living in our rafters.  Late every night the bat swoops about the house eating the mosquitoes.  I had to dodge the bat in the hallway the other night, and after lights are out ‘he’ has taken to swooping quite low over us as we lie in bed.

The R key on my keyboard has died, this is soo annoying.  I use a laptop in conjunction with a larger keyboard.  PC was laughing as he watched me the other morning, keying on the keyboard and reaching upwards to the laptop to key in the R.  He said I reminded him of an organ player.

It is currently kerbside pickup time in our town.  As I drove home today craning my neck to ‘find a bargain’ I reflected on the report PC heard recently.  Apparently Australians love to pick up a kerbside bargain and boast about it.  Sounds about correct to me. 

I’m back on an Australian fiction history binge again.  Last night I had a fascinating discussion with my brother about history and misinformation.  We were talking about ‘the facts’ I had read in a number of sources, about an incident that had happened in his area of Australia, according to Bro the ‘old timers’ up there say it is simply not accurate.  A bit like ‘Whispers,’ ‘everyone’ now regards it as ‘truth’.

Last week I asked for suggestions for a blog name change when the baby comes. Deanne suggested
Family at Misrule
A Fortunate Life
Sun on the Stubble
Longtime Dreaming
I like these, but… would anyone outside of Australia recognise these as distinctly Australian?

Talking names I am getting quite desperate as we have only 4.5weeks tilll the baby is due and no name if we have a boy!!!  Koala is holding a baby name challenge, we are searching for an unusual saint’s name.  Any suggestions?

I’m still struggling to read picture books daily to my little ones:(  I’ve tried a few different approaches to motivate myself, but I don’t make longterm progress.  I’m wondering if I actually made a list that “We will read x, y and z” it will help in accomplishing my desire.  What works for you?

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  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Reading picture books: I don't have a voice which lasts, so older siblings often read to the younger ones. For a season my husband would read picture books (library ones) to the youngest two every day after work as a way to reconnect.

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Let's see. I make sure we read before bedtime a few picture books. That way I ensure we get it done.

    I am no help for names, for the baby or the blog! I wouldn't recognize your blog if you changed the name.

    I never knew there was a different British spelling for curbside! Learn something new everyday!

  • Deanne

    I have been looking out too, but I haven't found anything worth stopping for, except the other day when at the beach I found the bench I have been looking for, but I would have had to leave a couple of kids behind in order to fit it in the car so hubby said no go!

  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    #3 sounds like the makings of a new Aussie meme to me: Kerbside Bargains with Erin! LOL

    How EXCITING to be choosing names for blogs and babies!

    As for the blog title, I would not recognize those suggestions as specifically "Australian"…but, that's just me :))

    How about:

    Down Under
    Awesome Aussies
    8 Aussies and Their Mum
    ('course, that kinda leaves out dear PC)
    At Home Down Under
    Awesome Aussie Adventures
    Homeschool Outback

    And now for "interesting" boy Saint names:

    Aodhan (pronounced: ay-den)
    Eamon (pronounced: ay-mon)

  • amy in peru

    oh bats. shoot, we had bats too, but only momentarily inside… for the most part they lived, and I say they because they were legion, well, they lived in the rafters above the ceiling, if that makes sense. I did not like them.

    and my 6 key is literally retarded… I have to hold it down extra long before it clues in. urgh. I have to always be aware when I'm entering a long series of numbers for example if it has a 6…

    I like that name above Aodhan (ayden)… yes.

    the blog names you mentioned do not strike me (the non-australian) as particularly australian, in fact, I would have had no idea they were australian if you hadn't mentioned it… but the ones in the comment above mine sound more aussie.


    With 13 years of CM experience, you are a huge help to the carnival! I do hope the cm carnival can be a big help to you as well!! please do continue to participate as often as you can! 🙂

    amy in peru

  • Erin

    Oh wow, some baby names AND blog names:) considering all, lots of interesting suggestions.

    Pleased to report I read 4 picture books today! I think I may have found my secret.

    Kerbside & curbside, how interesting.
    Yes, I may have found a new career, spotting kerbside bargains:)
    Mmm did you consider the kids could have walked home?;)

    I'm glad I'm not alone in disliking bats inside. Oh Amy, you made me smile, I'm trying to write a post for your carnival, but it is not flowing too well. Still I would like to participate more.

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