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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 75)

Jem has reached the ‘Why?’ stage.  Every comment is met with ‘why?’.  At present it is rather cute and amusing, but I’m well aware we shall soon find the novelty has worn off.

I have finally bought nighties, clothes etc for my hospital visit, so my bag is closer to being packed.  I’m hoping, really hoping to wash the baby clothes this weekend and if all goes well and we finish painting the small boys room (so then they move out of the loungeroom and the lounges can move out of my room) I’ll be able to get the baby furniture out of storage too.

I managed to go to Confession today and receive a lovely pre-labour blessing from our priest after Mass.  I’m feeling very much at peace now. 11 days to go!!  Mind you realistically it could be as much as 21.

Einstein is currently studying to be a soccer referee, our third child to become a referee.

I’ve been reading Young Mom’s courtship story, and reminiscing over PC and my courtship story.  We’ve been reading books and talking about courtship, dating etc with our teens, lots to mull.

With a stricter ban on ‘screen’ time (due to Lent) I’ve noticed, once again, an increased interest in more creative pursuits.  Jigsaws are very popular at the moment.  Michelangelo and Princess are currently completing a 500 piece puzzle, Jack Jack and Jelly Bean have been putting together puzzle after puzzle.

I was searching for Easter books from my regional library this week, they only have only 8 books, all about bunnies and eggs!!  I know I have a tendency to whinge about my library but I’ve decided this time to do something, I lodged several requests, and will continue to do so whenever I find them lacking.  Surely they will buy something.

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