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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 76)

I can’t believe how much we accomplished last weekend!  The baby clothes are now washed and ready and the cradle is assembled and waiting.  The small boys room is painted and they  moved back into their room.  The lounge room was re-claimed and the games cupboard moved to the lounge room. A very productive weekend.

Jem has taken a liking to a very strange sandwich combination; peanut butter and Vegemite! No matter how much I plead otherwise,  he is determined to eat this!!

Elana, of the Gluten Free Almond flour cookbook fame, our absolute favourite cookbook, is releasing a new book on April 26th Gluten Free Cupcakes🙂  Just this week we made some of her cupcakes and we very pleased with the result.

I recently caught up with an old family friend who was an unschooler a decade ago.  Her boys have gone on to achieve amazing feats in software design, both internationally and in the Australian arena.  One son was recently asked to teach classes at a private University, they were very keen to have him, however it transposed, because he didn’t have a University degree they couldn’t hire him.  So they have asked him to write their textbooks instead.  This story just appeals to my sense of  ridiculousness.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the ‘new blog on the block’; Australian Catholic Families. Brainchild of Sue Elvis, this blog showcases a variety of posts from Australian Catholic bloggers.

Last year we began using the Didache series with our older teens.  Carpenter and I read his book together and discuss, the deeper I delve into these books the more impressed I am with their depth and solidness.  We have lots of wonderful discussions, many are jumping off points from our readings.  Rich, searching discussions are my favourite part of homeschooling, treasured time with our children indeed.

Well four days till the baby’s due date, sitting for long is rather uncomfortable.   I’m planning to keep busy in the days ahead,  I expect to go possibly ten days over.  This weekend I’m hoping to do our Lenten cleaning; walls, screens, windows etc.  Oh the children will be thrilled;)

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