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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 77)

Well yes, I’m still here waiting.  I’m only three days overdue so really I should be more patient, but truthfully I’m longing to meet our new sweet babe.  The midwife reassures me that baby should be only 9lb, so I’m hoping, but I do think I’m beginning to look rather huge.
One benefit of waiting is I channelled lots of energy into lessons this week. Jelly Bean finished one of her Sacramental Preparation books, My Jesus & I and she finished reading her Faith and Freedom Prep Reader!!  We’re very happy with her reading progress:)

We managed to celebrate St Joseph’s Feast Day this week as well as St Patrick’s.  St Joseph’s Feast is Michelangelo’s Name Day (middle name), so we baked a banana almond flour cake.  Absolutely delicious, almond flour has the most wonderful texture, the recipe was from Elana’s book of course.

I have been rather spoilt by Koala in the last fortnight.  She has taken over all the driving; soccer trainings, Carpenter’s work, Writing Club, choir practice, she happily takes her siblings to their events.  In and out of town at least 4 times a week, some days at least twice a day.  I’m so blessed:)

Our brand new pump, less than a month old burnt itself out! We’re very, very grateful for warranties this week.

With more rooms in the house becoming usable it was time to re-vamp the chore chart.  PC divided the house into four quadrants, and the children into two teams. We have the Mighty Men and the Three Cinderellas both responsible for two quadrants each.  So far the new system is working very well, but… beginning tomorrow the Mighty Men will be responsible for the laundry and kitchen, we shall see if they can handle the challenge.

Notice our new blog name and updated look.  Thanks to my dear friend Gae for her patient help. If you are wondering how to change your look, a quick tutorial.  Click on ‘design’, then ‘Template Designer’, I chose ‘Watermark’, then clicked ‘apply to blog’.  Next I clicked on ‘Layout’  which gave me column choices and I could chose three:)  A new feature! then ‘apply to blog’ again.  Then I popped over to Scrappin’ blogs and found this design.  It was simply a matter of adding a html gadget with the Scrappin’ code and I was done.  So easy with Gae’s help.  I did then have a play around in ‘Template Designer’ – ‘advanced’ to alter the header colour and font.  Well I let PC lose, perhaps a little dangerous but he had fun:)

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  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    I adore your new blog look….perhps I told you already.

    I know what a blessigns it is to have an extra driver although I miss my keen driver so much.

    Glad you had such a productive week with the kids. I can't wait to meet your little one too.
    Did I mention I dreamed you had a girl?
    Hmmm, interesting
    Love Gae

  • Erin

    so pleased to see you here:) Soon, hopefully soon.

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm:) Very interesting, Both dh and I have had dreams about a girl, and yet I keep thinking boy. So who knows:)

  • Sue Elvis

    Hi Erin, Overdue days seem much longer than ordinary days. I hope you are getting plenty of rest.

    I love my extra drivers too. Worth all that time sitting beside them as support driver hour after hour after hour…

    Your blog looks wonderful and the name change is perfect.

    I don't want to disturb you at the moment but I am looking forward to talking when it is convenient for you. With prayers for a safe and quick delivery. God bless.
    PS the random verification word has just appeared – 'trust', a reminder for me?

  • Erin


    So true on both accounts.
    So pleased you like the look and name change:)

    How about for now you use 'My Grandmother's Faith'. and I'll really, really try to ring soon.

  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    GOD BLESS YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS on Sebastian Vianney!!!! (sp?) WHAT A PERFECT NAME for a PERFECT baby boy!
    I LOOOOVE the new blog title AND the new look…SOOOOO joyful…JUST LIKE YOU, Erin!!!! Oh, I am so happy for you all!!!!!!!
    God bless Koala for helping her Mum in the last days of waiting before your hour came!!!!!
    GET SOME REST and kiss that wee one a few times from all your friends in the USA!!!!!! XO XO

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