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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 78)

There are definite benefits to birthing in a country hospital, and a number of times at that;)  Over the years we have got to know the majority of the staff, and they all took such excellent care of us.  Very personalised.

I was reflecting during my stay in maternity how the simple, little moments bring pleasure.  That first shower after birthing, meal times, being able to shave your legs again;) quiet time with just you and your newborn.

I’ve experienced births in; a birthing centre, home birth and hospital.  There is alot to be said for being in a hospital when all does not go well.  I am very grateful for competent, professional care.

However I am thrilled to be home as our handsome, placid boy settles into family life.  Visiting time with siblings can be chaotic in the hospital and I do miss waking up next to my husband.

Our little man is such a long baby that he will be lucky to be in 000s for a month.

You may have noticed, we haven’t yet ‘named’ our son.  It took months to agree on his Baptismal name, his blog pseudonym will have to wait.  We are giving it serious thought:) 
Last week whilst waiting for labour we splurged and bought some new cast iron oven ware.  Very heavy, but attractive and a generous size, should be indestructible.

My dear friend (and cousin) K gave me this gorgeous baby quilt for a gift!! Aren’t we lucky?:):)

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