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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 78)

I have just finished reading Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle.  Madly loved by my teens I thought it was time to read these books, I really, really enjoyed them.  A few areas I’d like to discuss with my children, but engaging and very well written.
On my beside table is Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from a Nature-Deficit Disorder, I’m half-way through this book, so grateful that we live in the bush and our children have many opportunities to engage with nature.  A great read for any concerned parent.
Reading blogs in google reader is much quicker than loading up a blog page.  I find it very frustrating when a blog’s setting only allows me to partially read their post in google reader.  Honesty time; many a blog does not make it to my blog roll as they do not allow me to read them in entirety in google reader.  Please if this is your blog setting, do consider changing.
‘Little offerings’ from Jem are frequently to be found in Bass’ cradle.  As I lifted Bass out of his cradle today I discovered he was lying on a little tow truck and car.  Such sweet love, Jem is obviously keen for another playmate.
Carpenter and Princess have joined the Church choir and have been practising all Lent for Easter.  They are the youngest by a few decades and have been warmly welcomed.  They are talking about joining in on Sundays as well.  I’m pleased to see the confidence and enjoyment they are receiving from Choir.
We’ve been watching DVDs of The Flying Nun this afternoon, I’m in stitches, Sr Bertrill is really too funny. One of our girls has expressed an interest in being a nun, it appears that Sr Bertrill has fostered this vocation, we have explained that only Sr Bertrill flies, but we are not sure we are believed.
There is something very reassuring in having great relations with your local shop keepers.  The proprietors of our local fruit and veg market look after us very well.  Last week I ordered a box of granny smith’s and the proprietor convinced me to buy the red apples instead, “They taste much nicer.” and he gave them to me for a cheaper price.  Today I was filling a bag of mandarins and he walked past and quietly said to me, “Don’t buy too many of those, they don’t taste very nice.”  Great customer relations, they have my complete loyalty:)

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  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Honesty time….I had never used or noticed google reader (still a bit new to all the finer details). What a great tool, one I'll be using frequently! Now, to find out if my blog lets you read it all in google reader. Thanks.

  • Natalie

    Hi Erin. I have no idea if my blog is able to be read fully in google reader. How do I change it if it isn't? I'd never thought about this – I love looking at the actual blogs.

  • Leah

    @Natalie and Priest's Wife: Blogger lets you specify what you want in the Settings tab under site feed. But you can always subscribe to yourself in Reader to double check.

  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Thanks Leah, easy way to check. I do like google reader for a quick read but it's not nearly as pretty or "easy" to read as the real blog….
    I like to use blogger "Dashboard" to have a quick look and then open what I want to read at that time.

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    Glad you finally read the Inheritance Cycle. We love it and I am re readingg it again. Can't wait for the new book.
    I like to read from my dashboard as you know I like to actually visit and like the look of a blog. I scan and see what appeals to me at the time and as it it on my dashboard I can then just do my own thing too. I unlike some people (lol) am not compellled to read everything anyway. Also I like to check side bars as well which you can't in google reader.
    I find the visual appeal very important.
    Which is why we go to the trouble to make them so, I think.
    Love Gae

  • Erin


    Welcome:)and thanks for explaining.

    K and Priest's Wife,
    both your blogs are fine to read in google reader.

    I'm also waiting for the new book now too:)
    Yes I have to read everything . for me I find speed is the essence, however if I get to 'know' the blog writer I will flick over to the blog, every so often, particularly if they have 'shared items' I find 'kindred spirits' tend to read interesting material. have found some great blogs through shared items.
    I do like visual, and I appreciate the effort of side bars, I just like both. the speed for everyday, and then the pretty when I have time.

  • Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website

    Where on earth did you find copies of The Flying Nun?!?!? WOW!!!

    I have been thinking of you and praying for you and your sweet little Sebastian:))) Hoping all is well and you are feeling well-rested; as much as can be:)

    I would be most interested if you could take a moment or two and email me regarding your thoughts on the Paolini books…my teens are also reading (and LOVING) them…but I have not read them; which is not my usual way of doing things…and it would be very helpful to know your "mother's" thoughts therein:)) Thanks Erin!

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

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