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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 8)

The winter sports season is about to be upon us. I received a phone call from the older children’s coach and we start training next week. As we are still participating in summer sports it is about to get busy for the next few weeks.

While everyone else is madly spring cleaning for Easter I am procrastinating. Remember my shipping container? Well I now have to ease my way in and climb over beds and book boxes to get to the back. The good news is my dear friend Rebecca is willing to come and help me clean. Isn’t she a wonderful friend? I think she really wants to check out my books;

Jem is crawling! He is only 5 and a half months old, seems rather young to me, but he is definitely moving about. I put him on the loungeroom floor this morning and turned around a short while later to find him in the kitchen. It means of course that we now have to take extra care to be certain there are no small objects on the floor.

PC and the children have finally finished building ‘The Wall’ for the playground. It was only started 10 months ago! Stayed tuned for pictures.

My sister has only three and a half weeks till her baby is born. We are very excited as this is the first niece/nephew on my side of the family.

The educational highlight of this week was beginning our Lenten Faith Folder. Lapbooks for Catholics have an amazing array of choices.

We have designed a button for Faith Filled Days, please feel free to add the button to your site. You will find the button on my sidebar here and at the site.

For blogger users you save the button into your pictures, go to ‘add a gadget’ and choose ‘picture,’ upload the picture and use the Faith Filled Days address in the link part. I’m afraid at this stage I’m uncertain how to help typepad users. I’ll update when I do.

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