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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 82)

Discovered a terrific new blogger function, we can now upload multiple photos files with one click!! Hurrah!!

Carpenter had four friends over for a movie night last week.  To cater for all we converted our 10 seater table to a 14 seater by placing two tables together.  The day after they all went home and we had downsized again, I continually marvelled at how small the 10 seater table looked.  All relative I guess.

The addition of just one child often heralds a difference in washing quantity, some addition seems more noticeable than others.  For some obscure reason an odd number of children always feels like more washing than an even?? Anyhow we are now washing 3-4 extra large loads of washing a day.  Two clothes loads, a linen and a nappy(diaper) load.

Jem asked for a Vegemite sandwich this week and then insisted on liberally coating it with tomato sauce(ketchup)!!! Yuck!!!

PC and I enjoyed a date tonight, undertaking our monthly grocery shop together.  Rather nice actually, PC likes shopping and is a calming influence on me.  My idea of shopping is to race the clock and tear in and out of the supermarket rather in the manner of a Grand Prix racer.  PC enjoys checking prices and strolling along. It does help my sensory overload that we shopped at 6.30pm and the supermarket is nearly deserted.

Jelly Bean has reached the stage where reading is hard, it has become a bit of a chore.  This week we put the reader aside and enjoyed reading some ‘Beginner beginner’ Dr Suess books.  She found her love again:)

If you are searching for ‘family books’, we highly recommend Hilda van Stockum’s Bantry Bay series.  A delightful family, enjoying a simple life;  wonderfully written,  thoroughly enjoyed by us all.  We were rather sad to finish the series.

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  • Tracey

    Just bought "The Cottage at Bantry Bay" as per your recommendation. Hubby is Irish and called Liam so it'll be a great read aloud for Daddy and the boys. Add his imitation Irish accent (he was born in Australia) and snuggles and it'll be perfect I'm sure. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Erin


    Great feature isn't it?:)

    Tracey, pretty confident you will love them, three altogether. Love to hear the accent! We find ourselves 'talking Irish' after reading the books. Look forward to hearing your response, honoured you're trusting me:)

  • Vicky

    I love your blog, Erin – it's so rich and full of good ideas:)
    Thank you for linking up with our blog. I'm so happy to link up ours with yours, too, and, hopefully, share some ideas:)

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