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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 83)

PC was walking out of our local Target yesterday during his lunch break when he glanced towards another shopper at the door.  He thought, “Gee he looks like my brother” (His brother lives 600km away).  He took a second look and thought, “He really does looks like my brother!” He walked back for a closer look and realised, “It is my brother!”
So we had a couple of lovely surprise visitors yesterday afternoon:)


As I drove a couple of the children into town for sporting commitments we passed the Rugby field.  Princess asks, “Mum, what is Rugby?”  I answer, “Well there are two types”  She asks, “What’s the difference?” ‘Quick as a whip’ her sibling answers, “One is all brawn and no brains, the other is brawn and brains.”  
Oh too funny.  *apologies to all Rugby players, not pc I know, but it was funny.

Talking funnies, Jennifer has suggested a fantastic idea! Create a family funnies page in Evernote.  Jotting down all those precious moments that we don’t always remember despite our best intentions.  You could tag it by months, years or child.  Just imagine creating a special memory album for a 21st or your children’s future spouse.  Over the years I have jotted memories in various notebooks, but have never been faithful, but this I can see working, this is my medium.  I’m pretty excited and have a page up already, off to dig out those old notebooks and add old memories:)

I read a library poster this week declaring 46% of Australians are illiterate!!  46% are unable to read a recipe or follow simple instructions.  On the flip side this means only 54% are prose literate, this is simply disturbing. Do I know any people personally who are illiterate?  Yes I do, a number, and they know of a number of other folks struggling in a literate world.  And for those who are prose literate, how many realise what a precious gift they have, who encourage reading with their children and surround them with print?  Which reminds me, thinking about libraries, I haven’t got a library card for Bass yet.

Jack Jack has been so keen on his siblings’ maths that we enrolled him this week. He is working his way through the Kindergarten program and loving it.  He has also been spending time at Starfall phonics.  There is no doubt he is learning, and learning at a great rate, however I do confess to being uneasy about a young child learning this way.  Yes it is a season at present, but truly, when our oldest were 4yrs old, life was much simpler.

A reader asked this week, “where have all the blogs on your sidebar gone?”  They haven’t disappeared, I’m only showing the latest 5 posts at a time.  If you wish to see more blogs click on the ‘show all’ at the bottom of the blog roll. I thought it looked less cluttered this way.

With Sue’s encouragement, I’ve begun sharing our families’ home education journey.  Our story will be posted in instalments, after all we’ve been home educating for 13+ yrs, so it is not a quick tale.  It has been quite a stroll down memory lane.

Carpenter has just returned from his soccer game rather hyped as he has scored another goal tonight!  His second goal of the season.  He is definitely happier playing for this team, so pleased he switched and we chose the right club for him.

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  • Vicky

    Congratulations to Carpenter! We all jump up and down when Cameron's team wins and we commiserate when they lose. Today, they drew so we did both!:D

  • Sue Elvis

    I enjoyed your quick takes, Erin. Andy played rugby in his younger and more fit days: the brawny brainy kind!

    I am so enjoying sharing homeschooling stories with you! It was great to chat on the phone the other day. And sharing comments. I appreciate you visiting and supporting my new blog. Thank you, Erin!

  • Erin

    another soccer mum:) I've been a soccer mum for 11 years now and I'm not as enthusiastic as before.
    I do hope I didn't offend andy, it was a tongue in check post.
    I'm enjoying getting to know YOU:) Loving your new blog.

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