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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 87)

The Birthday children’s gifts this week consisted mostly of scooters and bladeboards.  The problem, the only place to ride is – inside!  So the sound of scooters and boards swishing up and down the hall has been constant.  However, the gyprock is now sporting a couple of holes!! We’re thinking a very high skirting board to be a great idea, either that or cementing an outdoor area.

With three birthdays we have been eating cake, cake and more cake.  Our favourite recipe was Elana’s Carrot and Walnut almond flour cake.  Moist and light, it was made entirely by our nine year old, Princess. We’ll be baking this again:)

We are nearing the end of our great battle with clutter.  As we blitzed the kitchen I decided we were not to keep anything that was not used. Therefore we are now regularly using the good ‘flower’ dinner set, however PC has admitted he finds them too fussy.  Since that remark I’ve become so detached I don’t mind if they get broken.

Today was time to declare war on clutter in the yard and verandah.  I was determined to remove the extreme clutter around the girls’ cafe.  Princess was equally determined to keep the clutter as they “use it.”  When Princess was busy elsewhere I was busy smuggling plastic drink bottles, cans and empty beer bottles to the recycling.  I’m sure a little girls play area with rows of beer bottles containing muddy water must look a little startling to some visitors. 

We are trialling a new approach to laundry, one my friend has long been extolling.  Each child has a set day to do their wash; they wash, hang and fold their own clothes. It seems a bit strange to take your dirty washing back to the bins in your room but there is no room for 11 bins in the laundry.  PC purchased little garbage wheelie bins to make it easy for the little ones to bring to the laundry.  Every child from Princess up does their wash and Jelly Bean helps me with hers.  Already it is apparent we need to include more ‘linen days,’ most likely every second day the same as nappies.

With the regular closure of the study doors, creativity has already returned:)  Jack Jack received a junior meccano set for his birthday and many meccano and lego creations are being built:)

I’ve nearly finished reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  Like all of Picoult’s books it is very thought provoking.  The central figure of the novel, Anna has been deliberately conceived to ‘donate’ her cord blood to her sister who is dying of leukaemia, later she ‘donates’ bone marrow and is then ‘asked’ to donate her kidney.  At 13 years of age Anna, legally contests this decision.

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  • ccc

    I had to laugh at the beer bottle comment! My children have been known to use these as play before outside after finding them in the garage. How embarrassing I always thought and would try to throw them away before any one found them! Ha ha

  • Vicky

    Our children have their own laundry hampers, too, but I've never thought about extending it so that they actually do the washing themselves! Interesting…

  • Erin

    The whiskey bottle looks worse, and we don't even drink whiskey (my brothers do)

    It is going well so far, I'll do a refined post after a fortnight and detail the ins and outs.

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