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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 89)

I did it, I bought a new camera!!!!  A MAJOR deal, normally I agonise and fret and research thoroughly before I part with money.  The Target catalogue arrived, the bundle deal was excellent and I walked in and snatched it up.  I now have my first REAL camera, one with a zoom lens.  Finepix digital S3300 with a 26x, 14 mega pixels with a tripod and bag for the camera proficient (which is so not me).  Hoping the qualities of my pics improve, maybe I’ll discover a wee portion of my friend’s talentπŸ˜‰

Sometimes you forget just how strong the suggestion of television is to young children.  We have been enjoying old re-runs of “I Dream of Genie”.  After the latest episode Jack Jack is totally convinced that there are two colours of blood; red and green.

Jack Jack showed me his latest collection today, a tin of roo poo!  With the big mobs of kangaroos that graze on our lawn he is amassing quite a collection.

Little boys hold the cutest conversations.  Jem has a regularly used phrase which he said again this morning.  He had bounced onto his father’s ribs hurting him quite badly, he then turned to a groaning PC and said “Sorry ’bout that.”   Every morning he snuggles into our bed with Bass and lovingly says, “I love you Bass …..”  He always addresses him with both his baptismal names.  Very sweet.
Jack Jack has decided he is finally a big boy and has been going to sleep in his own bed.  Last night though he hovered in his doorway and said, “I’m nearly a big boy now, but can I go to sleep in your bed tonight, I’ll be a big boy tomorrow.”

Our children’s standard of kitchen cleanliness is lower than our standard.  One area that really annoys me is, they invariably don’t rinse out the chux. I seriously dislike finding a greasy chux sitting at the bottom of the sink  because no-one could be bothered to rinse it out.  What ‘habits’ irritate you?

I have fallen in love with pinterest, I love it!!  Using it to organise design ideas for the bathrooms, kitchen etc.  What do you think of this trough sink?  It really appeals to me for our powder room, alas PC is not keen:(

PC is my biggest blog supporter.  He regularly checks my blog throughout the day to see if I’ve updated, he always gives feedback, he helps me polish my posts when asked for help, he gets as excited as I when I get a comment and reads them all.  He is my biggest fan and makes me feel so supported:)  Thank you my Prince Charming:)  Who else’s husband supports their blog writing so enthusiastically?

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  • Sara

    I think I pinned that same bathroom! It's so cute and I love the color of the sink!

    My husband reads my blog and I really appreciate it when he tells me he particularly enjoyed a post. I just have to try not to extrapolate that he *didn't* like the others. lol.

  • ccc

    I at first thought that was a picture of your bathroom–and I was a bit jealous!
    Kangaroos in your yard?!I will have to tell my children that–they will love to hear that. I suppose we have animals here that we think are ordinary that your children would not,(Michigan,USA).

  • Bia

    I have tried three times (not on purpose, mind you) to lose our old digital camera so I can get a new one … but every time i think it's gone for good it find me. darn.

    i really need to check out pinterest … everyone keeps blogging about it;-)

  • Deanne

    I really hate it if the sink has not been cleaned out and still has scum in it and of course a dirty cloth nearby!
    Have fun with your new toy!
    I am a pinterestoholic, I am sure pinning anonymous will start up soon!

  • Sue Elvis

    Hi Erin, enjoy your new camera! I have a new one too and I love it. It's great for blog images.

    Like you, I hate greasy cloths in the sink. I bought dozens of washable cloths and filled a drawer with them. I also have dozens of tea towels. Now we can just throw the tea towels and cloths into the wash as soon as they start to look grubby and get a fresh one out. This has made my life easier!

    My husband NEVER reads my blog. Maybe he's afraid of what he might read! Totally supportive though.

    Thanks for sharing my unschooling posts. I always enjoy swapping comments with you, Erin.

    Oh yes: I must talk to you about the ACF blog. Thank you for your email!

    God bless.

  • Chareen

    Enjoy playing with your new camera Erin. I look forward to seeing your pic's πŸ™‚

    Your friend takes amazing photo's Wow. I would love some lessons from her πŸ™‚


  • Erin

    We have similar tastes:) so pleased to hear your dh also reads your posts:) I know what you mean about the not enthusiastic comments, "What did you think?" "okay" "Only okay!!" lol

    Well it now appears it won't be my bathroom, PC doesn't love it:( I'm hoping to get some nice kangaroo shots with my new camera and will post.

    Welcome to my blog:) hoping you lose that camera;)

    Laughing at your comment, will they call it PIA or PA I wonder?;)

    I'm with you, I like to have clean tea towels too. I love your unschooling posts and love chatting with you, though I know I have been quiet lately. It's my system see, I intend on coming back and writing deep thoughts and so I don't. I need to write quick thought the first time I read your post. I remember you saying your dh doesn't read your posts, great that he is supportive though.

    Glad you popped over to K's blog, she is amazing, generous in giving me tips too. Hoping to upload photos today.

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