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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 92)

This past week we have been blessed to have the Maher family stay with  us for their annual visit:)  With the Maher’s, us and our nearly daily visitors, the R family we have maintained a full house, feeding 27 for many meals.  This morning the Maher’s left for their long trek home, dinner tonight was very quiet and small with only 11 at the table.

It was most apparent during the week that one bathroom for19 people was a challenge. The time has come to make bathroom selections.  Next project; bathroom and ensuite!

When we bought the new camera we switched programs.  We moved from Kodak to Finepix Studio, it is driving me mad.  There must be a quicker way upload photos than how I am doing it.  Currently I am selecting for email, then opening and saving to picture directory.  From there I upload to blogger.  This is crazy.

I did purchase AAS and am soo excited, this is looking so promising.  So far I have found nothing to contradict Spalding and yet it appears so teacher friendly.  I can’t wait to begin.

An invitation to be a guest blogger (by one of my favourite bloggers – what an honour!!) has me pondering deeply into the how’s and what’s of ….. got you interested?  Well..you’ll have to wait and see what I’ll be posting about;)

Tomorrow is D-day.  Tomorrow we’re culling out all unnecessary paper in the study, psst only I know this at present;)

We’ve scored a couple of dress up outfits for Jem via ebay; batman and superman.  Also Anna Maria found a fire hat and a builder’s hat at the op-shops.  We have a pair of Bob the Builder overalls that will work well with the builder’s hat.  Looking good for his birthday.

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  • Chareen

    I agree with you Erin the Maher family are very precious encouraging people.

    Your guest blogging has me hooked. Can't wait to read your thoughts !

    I don't use finepix or Kodak both programs drive me NUTS !!!!

    Are you using windows ? If so there is a much easier and quicker way to do photo's. If you are keen I am happy to send you my phone number and I can coach you with an easier method of downloading and uploading photographs.

    I have a paper Monster Dianasoar in my study at the moment ! My goal is over the next couple of months to do a HUGE declutter ….

    The new dress ups sound great 🙂 May your boys be blessed with many happy memories of playing with them.

    Blessings to you all


  • Erin

    I didn't realise you knew the Mahers!!
    Was hoping to hook you;)
    I am using windows, please, please send me your number, would love to chat anyway:)
    I encourage you in your declutter, I'm making great progress in the study and feel soo wonderful:)
    Dress ups were a hit.

    Can't wait to start with ASS tomorrow!! Great to hear you loved it too. Was heartened when I read it on your blog. Lovely to 'see' you over here too:)

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