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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 95)

Anyone interested in seeing my pinterest site?  I’ve changed my details so I can share:)  I’ll also keep it located on the right sidebar here.  I’ve been happily pinning house building ideas and a few other projects I have brewing.

Ticks are out in force at present.  I’m consistently checking the children of a night as we have found several already.  So far all have been discovered on the head, although I found one on my leg!

Bass suffered a yucky case of conjunctivitis this week.  All I can marvel over is the healing properties of breastmilk!  Really totally awesome!

Yesterday I took Princess, Jelly Bean and Jack Jack to the pool for swimming assessments.  I was a little unsure as to how Jack Jack would react as he can be rather timid.  Which he was, but to my pleasant surprise he was keener to learn how to swim and willing to tackle his fears.  With a teacher sensitive to his personality I’m feeling confident he can make good progress.  When I ponder upon it I realise for the last couple of years we haven’t swum in the dam much, nor have we had swimming lessons in that time, nor do we have a bath, therefore our younger children have not had alot of water opportunity. 

Princess is rather excited today, it is lawn mowing time and she is finally old enough to join the lawn mowing crew.  I’m certain the novelty will wear off, but for now she is eager to take her place.  She is just awaiting some instruction from Dad.

I’ve been thinking (and pinning)  pretty skirts and pretty aprons.  I’ve even gone so far as to investigate fabrics, so just a mater of time and I may just wipe the dust of the sewing machine and start creating.  Hoping anyhow, thinking about it.  Talking aprons, Jennifer just wrote an thought provoking piece on the symbolism of aprons.

Can you believe I am actually thinking about Christmas!!  Actually wondered about inviting family,  though I think I got beaten to the punch there;)  Oh well, and I’ve even starting thinking presents and pinning gift ideas.  The truth is, pinterest makes me more organised, yes it’s true.

Bonus: We have found a plumbing shop that we like, when I go to their web page I read a spelling/typo error on their main page; Freindly Staff.  So distracting, would you or would you not, somehow, politely inform them?

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