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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 97)

Carpenter stepped on a very deadly snake this afternoon, a baby Eastern Brown.  Rather a nerve rattling experience for all. Fortunately he reacted very quickly, went leaping and was not bitten. Thanks be to God!!

Anna Maria has started at her new job, delivering pizzas for a local pizza chain. She really enjoys it.  Yes we were a little nervous, she’s our girl etc, but she’s rather confident about it all.

In my quest of being deliberate about my online time, I’ve found a secret to more productive blog writing.   I have a set plan of what I will write each day (time providing).  So on Mondays I plan to write a building post, Tuesdays about our Outback trip, Wednesday’s Book Reviews, Musings or… and so forth.  I’m writing far more as I am not wasting time deciding what to write about it.  I’ve also had time to reflect  prior to sitting down.

A friend has long extolled about the virtues of using coconut oil as a facial moisturiser, frankly it seemed a little.. well.. oily to me. However last night I trialled it and I am enthused!! Drove my family mad exclaiming, “feel it, feel my face, it is so soft, are my wrinkles gone?”  Another friend cleared a permanent facial scar after only four days!

Our education this term continues to have a lovely rhytmn, I am really enjoying sharing in the children’s learning, such a great place to be in:)  Planning to share some pictures soon of what roads we have travelled.  (This afternoon we spent time researching and exclaiming over snake pictures;)

Carpenter and Koala decided on karate lessons and are very enthused.  A boxing bag now hangs in our dining hall where movements and exercises are demonstrated to us.

Bass has started solids spasmodically, is rolling everywhere across the room, is nearly sitting up and says Mum and Dad.  PC laughs at me but I’m still squeezing him into double 00s.  Don’t grow up too fast little one.

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  • alecat

    What a lovely list .. it's nice to hear how things are coming together for you during the week. 🙂

    I'm so glad to hear that no serious consequences occurred after standing on that snake!

    Coconut oil …. I'll have to try that on Mariposa's eczema. She's developed some scars from her latest severe episode. That may just help. 🙂

    I had to laugh at your squeezing the little one into 00s. My brother's little one just turned 1, and my SIL can't wait for him to go into 0s. He's such a tiny little one .. petite just like his mum.

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  • Erin

    thank you:) Yes, sooo scary. Do let me know how you get on with M's scars. Well it is a week later and I really think I can't get another week out of 00s, boo hoo.

    Welcome:) That's new, I'll have to try it for the mosquitoes. checked out your blog, such a different look for blogger, so impressed!

    Thanks for the tip:):)

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