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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 99)

Just after 8am Wednesday morning, Carpenter and I were on the doorstep of our local chainstore.  We drove in to pick up Inheritance!  Carpenter assured me he had been waiting three years for Christopher Paolini to conclude the Inheritance Cycle and he had to have it immediately upon release!   All day Wednesday and Thursday he read, finishing by Thursday afternoon.  Anna Maria started last night (Thursday) and finished in the wee hours 3am this morning! (Friday).  6 hours to read this mammoth book! Einstein calculated she reads 115 pages per hour!

Last week our four middle children ran in our town’s local fun run, our fourth year of participation.  Can you believe that I actually ran too!!!  Jack Jack was looking a little overwhelmed and we thought he needed support so at the last minute I joined it.  Oww!! So darn proud of myself our children. They all acquitted themselves extremely well. Jelly Bean won first place again in Under 8 girls!

Remember my complaints of last week regards google’s shared items? My friend Gae has come up with a novel solution, she will host a weekly linky party of shared items๐Ÿ™‚  My plan is to save in feedly, and shared weekly, linking into the sharing party.  Regards feedly, I switched over and really love the fact that I can categorise similar blogs, that really appeals to me, I also customised my background colour, so no more white:)

Conversation overheard between Princess to Michelangelo, “So what is the difference between transubstantiation and transfiguration?”  Big words indeed.

Yesterday I re-wrote our building ‘to do’ list.  Listing every job and its estimated time to completion, allocating weekends to each building task.  The list continues past Christmas next year! The most challenging part of my task as Project Manager is to decide which priority; do I want a bathroom first, a deck or electricity? It is not so simple though, as each task effects the next, one has to be completed before the next.

This week I’ve been pondering about early reading and mathematical abilities.  An earlier reader and a later reader will often ‘meet’ in ability at some stage.  I’ve shared previously, “…all thus far have learnt to read well and by eleven it would be difficult to discern any differences despite the various ages they became readers.” Does this ‘meeting’ though, apply to mathematical aptitude? Will a child who ‘clicks’ with maths early meet with his peers later?  I’m trying to recall if I’ve read anything on this subject, and reflecting amongst our own children. At five, Jack Jack shows a promising aptitude, he can; tell the time, write numbers to 20, and then 1000 to 7000, can read and understand place values of 1st, 2nd 3rd and so forth.  He has learnt all this informally, by osmosis. So I’m pondering, will his mathematical aptitude level with his peers in the future?

It’s time to order the children’s book gifts for the Feast of St Nicholas.  I’m thinking, The Princess and the Kiss for our Princess, and The Squire and the Scroll, but would you give it to a boy or girl? What age? What else should I order for the other children? Thinking, thinking.

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