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7 Quick Takes: Spinning Plates

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When I take a look at our calendar for the upcoming month I nearly hyperventilate, there is so much happening in our life at present, so many ‘plates’ I need to start ‘spinning’ and keep them spinning weeks prior to the events. Two birthdays, which translates to deciding on and ordering presents online weeks ahead, it is also a party year for one child, so invites to go out and party games and food to be planned and executed. There’s my sister’s engagement party which will involve a seven hour round trip in one day. A Family Reunion of maternal aunts, cousins and their children, thankfully that’s only a three hour round trip. Our annual family holiday in which the lead up includes preparations for food, entertainment, practicalities to be sorted, packing etc for thirteen people. The older girls will need some assistance with preparations for a Pilgrimage they are attending, one that involves a thirty one hour round trip. Then there is the more mundane organisations needed for regular life; a couple of dentist appointments, a driving course and driving lesson for Princess. The upcoming month also includes school holidays which always translates to a long line up of holiday projects and the need to review the old term and plan for the new. As it’s Spring we’re also turning our attentions to the garden and I’ve been sourcing quotes for garden mulch and the spread of the mulch will be done in the holidays. Then there are our current building projects; we’re needing to source more floorboards to finish the flooring and I’ve had the Septic Plumber out to quote on digging the new septic trenches, which has also involved touching base with Council to be compliant. On top of all that we may be having Bass’ First Holy Communion, just waiting to hear the dates there



There is always humour to be found even in the overwhelming.  I was sharing about a quarter of this in a discussion with a family member, one in his 20s, he sympathised with empathy, “Yes I know what you mean, I have a lot on my plate too at the moment, I get invited to two events/parties and have to decide which one to attend, and when one gets cancelled I have to juggle to see if I can still go to the other.” All said in complete sincerity, somehow I don’t think we are viewing from the same life lenses


In amongst all of this, ’cause I always seem to make life more challenging by adding more ‘to do’s’ we purchased a ‘new’ clothesline. The opportunity arose when I saw a second hand galvanised Hills Hoist for sale, the galvanized hills hoists are so much better, they are built to withstand any and everything. We have two clotheslines, doesn’t everyone, one was a green plastic gig and the bane of our lives, it was forever snapping off the ‘sockets’ and the line was constantly breaking or needing tightening.  So thrilled to replace the green monstrosity with the Real Deal, one change, easily bringing joy




Rather giddy as I’ve received back my refurbished metal filing drawers, de-rusted and newly spray painted, two doubles and a single. I’ve been re-organising my All About Spelling and All About Reading cards in them and have plenty of room for more cards, such as our grammar cards. There is something so satisfying about about organising the little details that left unattended add up to a whole lot of chaos



Those holiday projects that I mentioned, a list that grows longer and longer daily, one project is to re-organise our Shipping Container, a task I do at least once a year. Despite my best exhortations the children have a tendency when ferrying items up there to just dump, so it needs a massive clean up, and too it’s time for a cull because it’s just not all fitting in.  Then there is the season clothing shuffle, Bella 4.5 years is so tall that it’s time for her to move into size 6 clothing. Just love our Shipping Container, depository of clothing, shoes, books, decorations, baby furniture, camping gear etc, best storage solution ever



Planning a birthday party for next week for our soon to be ten year old and stressing out, and not sure why as our friends are all rather laid back and relaxed people, no one’s expecting great things. It will be a simple affair; theme – wear your favourite dress up, we have a box if you need an outfit. Food – chips, fruit platter, vegie sticks, popcorn and watermelon that takes care of the variety of dietary requirements. Cake – ahh could I turn an icecream container upside down, would that count as an ice-cream cake? Games – pass the parcel, musical chairs, statues and the limbo stick and with teen girls I don’t have to do anything. Decorations – we’ll clean the house, is that enough? Truly kids are easily happy


As a kid in the 80s I read a book called, Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library. After that it was always my dream to be locked in the library overnight, what joy!! Actually about 15 years ago a librarian locked me in the library during the day when she went for lunch, she got an awful fright when she came back.  Anyhow we’re currently laying floorboards in our bedroom and so we’ve moved into our library for the week. My dream comes true, I get to spend many Nights in the Library!!

If you didn’t catch my latest post, we’ve just floored the last of the children’s bedrooms.

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