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7 Quick Takes (Vol 30)

I know I’ve been rather quiet here for a bit; I’ve been experiencing a form of writers block.
Anyhow at my husband’s repeated requests for 7 Quick Takes, I’m ‘picking the pen’ back up.

If you haven’t yet nominated your favourite blogs for the Homeschool Blog Awards, you still have one more day to do so.

Last week we had a front row seat; all afternoon we watched planes fly over water bombing on the fire over the ridge. They were so low we could easily read their numbers.
My friend Rebecca is a 12 minute car drive away but we discovered only 50 secs by plane. (We were on the phone and timed flying over her house to mine)

This week Rebecca and I gathered together daily for ‘school’. A novel experience for us both and one that was very successful. I’ll have lots more to share about the week, so stay tuned.

I’ve recently overhauled our menu and we are experiencing many new dishes. I’m being rather creative in my cooking. Princess is eager to learn, and I’m enjoying having a kitchen companion. I know some of you are waiting for me to share my menu, I haven’t forgotten, I will post it.

Last week I went to borrow some maths books from our library. I’ve been borrowing these since Koala was 6. Imagine my consternation when I couldn’t find any maths books for the younger set in the non-fiction section! When I asked the librarian where they were she informed me that; they don’t keep books older than 10 years!!!! They’ve been tossed!!!!

It may sound like bragging, it may sound biased, but, Jem is one very, very cute baby. Just saying.

As of January 2010 NSW will have a new school leaving age of 17. It will have implications for homeschoolers, more plans are in progress, and TAFEs are seriously considering raising their age entry to 17. I will keep you updated as I learn more.

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  • Marie

    Here from CD, loved the plane story.
    I love going to used book stores and finding old math books for the kids. I also found an old parochial school American history book from decades ago, that was very different. It's sad to think of a library tossing out books because they are too old. . . .I imagine it is because there are new "methods" for teaching math but I always wonder if it isn't better to teach kids several different ways to get to an answer, or at least to allow them to find more ways than the "official" one. I never minded teachers telling my kids new ways to calculate, but it bugged me no end when they were told they had the right answer but weren't allowed to get to it in a way that was more natural to them.

  • Marilyn

    OK – Erin – I need to see that Jem and show a picture of him to Anna – never too early for us Catholic moms to start some old fashioned matchmaking – good Catholic families are awful hard to find! At least we can talk about it for the younger ones – the older ones will just roll their eyes at us – and call us Mrs. Bennett (ask me how I know that!!)

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