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7 Quick Takes (Vol 33) Holiday Edition

Our extensions continue at a rapid pace. The children are planning on moving in as soon as possible. I’m tentatively starting to think about setting up the library in there. Hoping by the Easter holidays. It will be soo exciting to unpack all of our boxes and boxes of books.

The boys went on their annual camping trip with their friends. This would be their fifth year. Once upon a time their Dads drove them out, now they drive themselves. They loaded the BBQ up and took it down so they were able to fend for themselves totally.(Fire bans here prohibit open fire cooking) Three days of swimming, archery and hiking with their mates. They were very happy boys.

Two weeks ago, 500metres away a cattle truck lost it’s load. Fortunately the driver was fine but 70 head (of cattle) had to be shot, 30 head managed to be yarded in nearby neighbouring yards and at least another 80 head took to the bush. A day later the stockmen turned up here on their horses with dogs and managed to find 5 head out in our back paddocks. 40 head are still missing and have been declared dead but they are still roaming out there somewhere. In fact we have spotted a couple in the neighbours paddock but they have moved on again.

We made a discovery. A child’s hair whom I had labeled as oily is in fact dry. Because we had been using the incorrect hair product the hair was producing unhappy results. When we stayed with Anne last year and used her henna shampoo hair looked fantastic. Our local health food shop sells henna shampoo, it took three washes before we saw the improvement. Hair is now, soft, silky and flyway;) Do I sound like an ad? It’s true child’s hair is now beautiful:):)

Yesterday I treated myself to my holiday special, I went op-shopping. I found a pile of magic school bus picture books in mint condition, some lovely Usborne beginner readers and Lentil by Robert McCloskey!! I’ve never even seen a copy before. Whilst in town I also had my hair cut, fairly short just below jawline. I really need to go more often.

We’ve slipped into some poor habits around here. I’ve created a ‘Healthy Habits’ chart to address some of these issues. I’m embarrassed to admit they include matters such as bed making and teeth cleaning, some children need help.
We have made up a basket of incentives for those who colour all their boxes. Some children are working diligently and some couldn’t care less. sigh. These are the ones I was hoping to inspire.

A large part of my holidays was devoted to soul searching over the whole homeschooling issue in particular highschool. That’s all I have to say at this stage, one day I may share more.
Suffice to say though some great planning for the forthcoming year with three highschoolers, one in her final years has taken place. Decisions have been agonised and prayed over and we’re really happy with the materials we have sourced. As they trickle in by post we’re even happier. I’m planning on posting soon about our highschool materials, so stay tuned.

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