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7 Quick Takes (Vol 48)

PC has done it again. Results of his CPA exam have just come in and he has received another High Distinction!!! This brings his tally to 3 HDs and 1 Distinction. I am so proud of him:)

Aussie Book Threads has slowly being receiving a facelift. Gradually I’ve been tidying up pages, adding pictures and links and sorting the Australian information into better order. Still a way to go but I’m feeling good.

Did you know it’s possible for a 21 month old to pull the touch keys off the laptop? Jem had systematically pulled off one third of the keys before Jack Jack caught him. the keys are not quite the same.

Well I confess, I’ve been a little umm impatient. I unpacked the rest of the books; 20 boxes of adult fiction and faith. They are currently covering the floor of the library spines up. I’m praying that I may net some terrific garage sale bookcase finds on the weekend to solve my problem.

Holidays are only two weeks away. I’ve lots of plans and projects percolating in my mind.
I’m thinking this will be a great opportunity to encourage some intentional unschooling. Then there is the library cataloging and saints spreadsheet revamp. And I’m positively longing to re-organise the shipping container.

The children are rather excited, PC has just walked in the door with 4 more computers. He won these via an auction at work for $50 each! Plans are afoot for a late night LAM bash, they wish you were here Uncle Dom.

Each family has its own unique culture, a part of our family culture is quoting movie lines. A competition is going on around me as I type. Family moments:)

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  • Sweetums5

    Congratulations to PC on his HDs & D! Wow, 4 computers at $50 each – what a deal! Good luck in finding garage sale bookcases. I'm always happy to *meet* a fellow Catholic mom who is interested in unschooling. We have an eclectic homeschool, but my kids also thrive with Catholic unschooling. Enjoy your holidays!

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