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A Fishy Activity

It’s been months since we enjoyed A Book and Activity, so when Bass asked for a craft activity I obliged. Searching Pinterest for inspiration I found Rainbow Fish Craft. Template was supplied and only paint and celery sticks were needed. A fish craft was entirely doable.
Looking through our picture books I found, The Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister.  Years ago I read Elizabeth Esther’s thoughts about redistribution and since then I’ve been uncomfortable with the author’s intent. I can’t find the post but EE has a satirical video which I haven’t yet watched. After reading I asked Bass, “What did you think of the book?” He answered “I didn’t like the fish giving away all it’s scales.” Yep he nailed it, and this from a child who happily shares. The author’s message makes me itchy too, should have searched for another fish book.
The first glitch was when Jelly Bean pointed out that Bella was likely to eat the celery, paint and all. Which she did. Obviously our ten year old was thinking smarter than her mother. I was carried away with the excitement that we were actually doing a craft activity.


Jem joined in the fun bringing a higher level of skill to the activity. The younger children struggled with the stamping concept and mostly had to be dissuaded from painting with the celery ‘brush’. It was lovely to do another A Book and Activity and I’m inspired to do another:)

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