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A Portrait A Week – January 6th Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014 

1. Bella’s First Photo Shoot.
With Mama that is, had lots of fun playing around this afternoon.
My personal favourite.
2. Can we have too much of this girl?
PC’s personal favourite.  So hard to choose I took so many.
The following photos are admittedly from two weeks ago but I really wanted to share the children meeting Bella for the first time.  The excitement and joy on their faces!:)
3. Anna Maria and Bella
20 years between these sisters:)
Our family tradition is first nurse goes in birth order, the youngest have a long time to wait…


4. Carpenter and Bella.
Big brother, drove all day in time to see his littlest sister.
5. Einstein greets Bella:)
The joy on his and Jack Jack’s faces:):)
6. Michelangelo gazes at Bella, Jem looks on.
All so excited to have a sister.
7. Princess is so thrilled to have a little sister.
She was certain we were having a girl, thankfully we did!
8. Jelly Bean prayed and prayed for a little sister.
She wanted a little sister to play with, so pleased her dream came true:)
9. Jack Jack finally has his turn, the younger boys look on.
10. Jem is so excited, she is here!
Every day he comes and whispers little stories to her, keeping her in the loop.
11. Bass just loves having a little sister, he kisses her daily.


12. Labour is hard work indeed for a man, catching 40 winks, whilst the children greet their sister.
He’s still tired a fortnight later.
I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t taken any photos of Bella with PC or I!! Need to remedy this!!
Linking up with Jodie at Practising Simplicity for 52 weeks of portraits.
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  • Pam Barnhill

    I love this series. I think what I love best is the chance to see all your kids in their own photos — gives me a better idea who who everyone is. And your youngest is just beautiful. Thanks for linking up.

  • Renata

    Congratulations on your newest little one! She is adorable & I love the pictures of her siblings greeting her! Enjoy this newborn time!

  • Coal Valley View

    Hugest Congratulations Erin!!! How did I miss your news at Christmas time?!? What a beautiful little bundle, such a blessing. Hope you are all settling in well (seasoned Mum notwithstanding :-)). Much love, Mel xxxxxxxxx

  • Alison June

    I am so glad I found your blog. As a (new) home schooling mother of four I feel I can learn a lot from a Mama to 10!! (Did I read that right in your description?!)

    Congratulations of your precious new bundle 🙂

  • Erin

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and tips{}

    Something I'm very conscious of, trying to get individual shots of them, though I need to now work on group shots too. Thanks for starting your link up:)

    Renata and Mel
    Thank you for your best wishes:)

    blush, weeks later and the first was her baptism and I don't think any of them were just us either blush. will try harder

    Welcome to my blog and to the homeschooling world:)! Yes 10, can hardly believe it myself. Thanks for popping in to visit

    Thank you:)

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