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The Advent of the Latin Mass in Our Parish

For the past six years we have been fortunate to have the Latin Mass offered at our annual homeschool camp. Those six years have fostered a love of the Latin Mass in our family. The mystery, the awe, the sense of something not quite tangible. The quietness and the time to pray undisturbed has left a deep impression. With the advent of the Holy Father’s Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum we prayed that maybe somewhere in our diocese the Latin Mass would be offered. It began to appear however that it wouldn’t anytime too soon. We continued hoping and praying and then we received a phone call! There was a priest available for a limited time who said Mass in the Traditional Rite.

With much hope and trepidation we began petitioning our Bishop and then negotiations began between our Bishop and our local priest who very generously offered to share his Church and accommodation. This was a real miracle, an offer that was given on Divine Mercy Sunday. Father C was granted permission to join our diocese on a three month trial.

Two weeks ago Father C arrived:) Our boys have been busy learning to serve the Latin Mass and I am very proud of them as it is not the easiest task. Considering that in total they have attended around 25 Latin Masses in their lives previously, Father thought they have done very well to serve after four practices. Well Carpenter and Einstein have served, Michaelangelo will serve this week for the first time. Father is an excellent teacher.

Our congregation is fledgling but it will grow, Father is saying daily Mass and different parishioners are turning up all the time. We have had two Sunday Masses and the most amazing and heartening fact is the amount of children each week.

Our parish now offers both the Novus Ordo and the Latin Masses, rather a unique situation in a country diocese, the people of our Parish have been wonderful and accepting. If I could ask for prayers that our parishioners are blessed by this opportunity and that if it is God’s will we continue to have the Latin Mass after the trial period.

It is indeed an exciting time in the history of Our Church that we live in. Viva la Papa!

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