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Advent Roundup

This Sunday we begin Advent, I’m longing for the commencement of Advent this year.  Looking forward to that feeling of Expectation as we travel towards Celebrating the Birthday of the Christ Child.

Collating our various Advent posts into an Advent Roundup for your perusal.

Journeying along with Our Blessed Mother
Advent Reflections Whilst Awaiting the Birth of Our Babe 2013

Open Letter: 
Letter to a young mum assuring her “you don’t have to do it all
Creating Advent Traditions 2009

Advent/Christmas Book Lists: 
Lots and lots of book suggestions
Jesse Tree in Picture Books
Aussie Christmas Titles
Books for St Nicholas
Christmas with Golden Books & Joan Gale Thomas
Christmas Library Selection
Christmas Selections From Our Town Library
Destination Bethlehem
Family Christmas Favourites
Focus on the Nativity
More Nativity Peeks
Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles

Planning overview and weekly checklists, I use this every year, saves me lots of stress
Advent Checklist 2009
Planning- 1st Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 2nd Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 3rd Week of Advent 2009
Planning – 4th Week of Advent 2009
Checklist for Advent Preparations – Week One 2007

Guest posting elsewhere
Christmas Guest Post Series – 2011

Sharing a few celebrations, mostly though I seem to record planning
Celebrating Advent 2010
It’s Definitely Not Snowing Here 2009 (Humorous Story of an Advent Wreath)
‘Twas Nearly the Night Before Christmas 2008

Feast Days in Advent/Christmas Season:
St Barbara – 4th December
A family tradition, celebrating the Feast of St Barbara is a must for us now
Celebrating the Feast of St Barbara 2012
St Barbara’s Tower 2011
Feast of St Barbara 2008
Feast of St Barbara 2007

St Nicholas – 6th December
Celebrating the Feast of St Nick only became part of our family tradition about ten years ago, but a loved part now
The Feast of St Nicholas 2012
Celebrating the Feast of St Nicholas 2011
Blessings on the Feast of the Epiphany 2008

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