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And A Few Hours Later…

We live in a small house, 1000sq feet for ten people isn’t the largest. Most times we cope well but at times we get overwhelmed, with the clutter mostly. Ten people tend to equal a lot of belongings as much as one tries to minimise.

On Saturday PC and I attended an auction. State Rail were auctioning among other items a very large site office. 12 meters by 6, imagine the learning room we could set up, imagine how less cluttered our house would be. These were the thoughts we had as we waited for lot number 386 to be up. Well the auction went too high.

Back home we took a good look at how we could make things flow better, what irritated us the most and what we could do to change matters. There are areas of our house that are not making the best use of the space. One such area was our pantry, inadequate and unsightly, it was time to change. PC set out to Bunnings Hardware to buy a pantry. The flat packs were $400-$500+.

Ever resourceful PC decided he could make one for half the price. I just love the fact that he included the holes so I can change the shelf heights. Just the same as a shop bought flat pack.

2 and a half hours later we had our pantry:) All day we have gone past stopping to admire. The doors will be on this weekend.
Meanwhile we are busy moving furniture around the house or out the door;) for tomorrow I’m planning a deep de-clutter.

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