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Announcing: Five Brothers One Sister

My dear irl friend Deanne has just joined the blog world with the advent of Five Brothers One Sister. We have been friends since our 12 year olds were in utero, back then I had two children, Deanne one; we’re quite a party now.

Deanne is a very talented home maker; cooking, sewing, and decorating are her specialty. She is currently enjoying re-purposing old clothes into new and keeping me interested to know just what ‘crazy idea’ she will come up with next.

For those of my readers who loved my picture book display, you really should check out Deanne’s Picture Book Shelves!

Not only is Deanne talented but her husband is too. His specialty is re-purposing pallet timbers into versatile and incredible furniture. I’ve already ‘suggested’ to my husband a couple of ideas for our new extension.

Welcome to the blogosphere Deanne:)

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