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‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive’

Just before Christmas I started dropping hints to Prince Charming that what I would like, really like would be display shelves for our ‘theme’ books. You know like the ones that they have in the children’s section of the library. I thought having the books displayed attractively would entice the dc to pick up the books and read of their own accord. At that time I was gathering the books together and placing them in baskets which was successful too, but you know, always thinking;)

One Saturday Michaelangelo and I attended a garage sale and found my Christmas present! I walked in and saw display shelves! Well technically they were bathroom shelves but they look like they are display shelves. For the princely sum of $15 we were the new owners. (yes of course I bargained over the price;) We hurried home to show PC what he had bought me for Christmas;) I assured him that they cost less than what it would have to make and he gravely agreed (I’m still not convinced he intended on making them anyhow, this way I was safe;)

We live in tight quarters and incredibly they fit into the only available space. But then I really shouldn’t be surprised. Our Blessed Lord is good to me! He often will spoil me with just what I ask for.

The shelves have achieved their aim, the dc often pick up the books and sit and read. They look so attractive they just beg to be opened:)

Thank you Lord.

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