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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…..Again

Once again God has answered my wants, it wasn’t with something I had to have but something I wanted. He is indeed good to me.

For some time I have been wanting a cork board as I haven’t been able to hang the children’s work on the wall anymore because the blue-tac just wouldn’t work:( I priced cork boards and they were rather on the expensive side and simply way too small. A friend suggested cork wall tiles to make into the size I wanted, when I went to the shop they were out and couldn’t tell me when they would be back in stock.

So it was one of those ideas that went to the back of my mind until the weekend recently when I attended our local Parish school’s moving sale. I walked into the building and saw…it…the cork board of my dreams! At nearly 3metres long and just over 1metre wide it certainly is big enough. And ascetically pleasing it is boarded by a stained timber frame. And the price? It was marked $20 but the lady knew me and said I could have it for $10, I quickly said, “I’ll take it.”:)

This weekend PC hung it for me and I’m very happy.

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