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Several months ago our three oldest took the Mercy Academy Learning Style Test. One result that was apparent was that our two oldest boys learn best by audio means. Unfortunately a low budget and no ADSL meant we have done nothing about this despite a fervent wish. Now, however with the installation of our ADSL we can finally download.

In case anyone else is on the same journey, I share here some free audio download links.
Audio Books For Free Some great titles.
LibriVox 1000s of titles here.
Light Up Your Brain These look rather light on.
Free Classic Audio Books Ahh classics, well we will be downloading from here.
My Audio School

Pick the Brain I just found this site it had most of the links I already had and many podcast links. Great ‘central hub.’
Learn Out Loud Many educational titles.
Project Gutenberg I was delighted to find they have audio files as well.

Actually google search for ‘audio books – free’ and many more links appear.
Well now I just have to learn how to download and burn discs.

ETA: More links at Gae’s Cool Audio Stories post.

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