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Author Fiesta – Mem Fox

As I shared previously we are jumping in and participating in Author Fiesta. This month’s author is Mem Fox. I am going to be really honest here and share that when I was first introduced to Mem Fox a couple of years ago I wasn’t that thrilled. The storyline of the books I read didn’t really grab me nor did the illustrations. I share this because I had a conversation with an irl friend this week who confessed the same reaction. I encouraged her to try Mem Fox again, why? Because I no longer have the same opinion as previously, I can now see the magic of Mem Fox’s words. I now look at her books through the eyes of my six year old daughter and am seeing a whole different vista. The rhyming and repetition of her work is so appealing to little children particularly my dd who is a new reader. The world of words is so precious to her, she loves to pour over Mem Fox’s books, reading and re-reading. This reminds me in many ways of my experience of seven years ago with my now thirteen year old son. Despite my prejudices against Dr Suess he fell in love with the cadence of Suess’ words, this was my child who learnt to read using Dr Suess and nursery rhymes. So with a new appreciation I am sharing here some vague ideas that are percolating in my mind towards enhancing these books as I share with my younger ones.

First some sites I have found:

For Koala Lou try here, lots of links to information, fun activities, coloring in and even hear a koala’s grunting.

For Wombat Devine try here, for information and coloring page.

For Possum Magic I am going to use the wordsearch here (page 5). We will also make some of the foods mentioned in the book; lamingtons, pavlovas, anzac biscuits, and pumpkin scones. Here are some recipes. There are also units of a more literacy nature.

For Hunwick’s Egg the Easter Bilby site has lots of facts, online games, puzzles and coloring pictures.

Sail Away The Ballad of Skip and Nell lends itself well to a further look at the Australian continent. I will be visiting here for loads of links, information, games, quizes, word searches, maps, and pictures.

This site has more literacy ideas for Whoever You Are, Hattie and the Fox and Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge.

We will also be looking at our DK Children Around the World for Whoever You Are and coloring a continent map.
A fox craft would lend itself to Hattie and the Fox, or we could look here for some information and coloring.

To be a little crafty we are going to make some puppets for Time For Bed, there are many animals, and puppets to choose from paper bag puppets, puppet pals or various other puppets.

For Where is the Green Sheep I need to look no further than Ten Kids and a Dog just perfect for my four year old.

I’m thinking with Shoes from Grandpa we will use a clothing catalogue to make a collage.

The Magic Hat easily lends itself to making our own magic hat. Lots of hat ideas abound.

For Boo to a Goose we’ll paste feathers on a goose picture to achieve a textured look.

For Arabella the Smallest Girl in the World we will cut and paste “tiny children’ we will have to do some shrinking on word docs. Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild! may inspire the children to draw a picture of how they may drive their mother wild;) As for With love, at Christmas I think I’ll simply cry and then smile:)

I have reserved but as yet unseen Feathers and Fools, Night Noises and Sleepy Bears so that should round out our reading.

Of course I know I won’t be able to help myself, I’ll add other Australian titles that enhance the above. Narelle Oliver’s Baby Bilby, Where do you Sleep? comes immediately to mind.

And we’ll visit here to hear Mem Fox read three of her books and my friend Deanne has kindly lent me ‘Mem Fox Magic’ and ABC Audio of 12 of Mem’s books, all of which we have!

If you are looking for very cheap Mem Fox titles look here not only a bargain but free postage to America, Australia, England and most places in the world.

BTW I reserve the right to change my plans at any time;) Happy Reading.

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  • Therese

    ditto to Lynn’s idea.

    I have loved Mem from the first time I read Boo to a Goose. I remember Daniel laughing and laughing. He even got up and started doing the actions like dancing a jig with a pig in a wig. The first time we read it, we had borrowed it from the library and it was such a hit we had to buy it. It is still one of my favourites to get out and read with the little children but none of them have loved it as much as Daniel did.

  • Fe

    (I posted this on Wildflowers and Marbles, but don’t know if you had selected to see follow up comments.)

    Erin, if you want a ‘local’ (West Aust rather than US) alternative, check out Green Kids nappies. I’ve been using them with Bilby for a bit over a year (and I did have a couple with Puggle). I’m _really_ happy with them:-) Love them a lot:-)

    The other local idea is to check out the OzClothNappy list on yahoogroups… it’s a fairly active group, but in their files and links are a pretty exhaustive collection of all the Australian made nappies:-) Plus, there are somewhat regular gatherings in all sorts of areas, where you could look at people’s nappy stashes:-) A great way to see what’s out there. Modern Cloth Nappies and the Australian Nappy Network may also be worth a search (those three pretty much link to each other).

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