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Author Fiesta – A month of Mem Fox

Last month we embarked upon the Author Fiesta party Cay is hosting. As previously shared the author for June and July is Mem Fox. For our family we have brought the party to a halt as, truthfully, we have run out of books. Borrowing from friends, the library and our own collection unearthed the following:

– Possum Magic
– Koala Lou
– Hunwick’s Egg
– Wombat Devine
– Bears Sleep Tight
– Where is the Green Sheep?
– Fools and Feathers
– Hatie and the Fox
– Time For Bed
– Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge
– Time for Bed
– Magic Hat
– Night Noises
– Grandpa’s Shoes
– Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild
– Sail Away – The Ballad of Skip and Nell
– Boo to a Goose

Some books I liked, some really didn’t appeal (though the dc enjoyed them all) My personal favourite was ‘Sail Away: The Ballad of Skip and Nell’ the rhythm and cadence was evocative of Banjo’s Patterson’ poetry. Very Australian in its humour and I liked the pictures too.

For some of the books we completed some of my previous plans, some we simply enjoyed and some Princess insisted that she was going to read, not mum:)

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  • Joannof10

    Your favorite is the book that we can’t get in the States. We have had a lot of fun with Mem Fox, but I have to agree with you, I didn’t care for all of her books. The kids loved them, though.

  • Erin


    Disappointed to hear that, it would give you a real slice of Australia. Actually Mem Fox is not my favourite Australian author by far, there are others I like far more.

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