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Building Preparation Continues


Last weekend hit with high temperatures of 37Celsius(98.6F)despite this, work continued.
We are very pleased that we purchased a 15 litre cooler or we would have been dehydrated.



The first job was to alter the carport to allow room for the dingo to dig the pier footings.
The front tin was removed and a post taken out.





Then it was time to ‘mark out’ the house outline with string.


First the hurdles had to be built.





It took much longer than we thought, but then it is a BIG house.
I’m suggesting that I receive roller skates for Christmas.





The new additions will be 20 metres in length.


Carpenter was his Dad’s right hand man all day, he never stopped.

*The next couple of months my posts will be full of extension news. I apologise to my readers who are not really interested, but I know family far away are keeping track.

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