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Celebrating the Feast of St Joseph

Monday we celebrated the Feast of St Joseph.  As this was one of Michelangelo’s  Name Days he was so determined that we were to have a cake he baked his own.  A grain free Banana Choc-Chip cake, delicious! We’ve made this cake a few times with great success, and of course a few alterations;) we’re often altering.  We substituted olive oil for grapeseed, honey for agave nectar and added a cup of choc chips.

A friend arrived for lunch with her children to join in the fun.  Alas no photos as my camera has been wiped:(
We began with discussing St Joseph and his titles and patronships, then read our new copy of Father and Son.  We had a number of activities planned for the children, the most popular were matching the St Joseph Memory Match cards, which have been laminated for durability and a Wood Crafting of St Joseph.  Michelangelo had cut wood plaques for the children to use and we made our own mod podge. Finally we now know what the elusive American reference means.  Another child made a Stain Glass picture and another enjoyed Coloring in.

We did have other activities organised which we didn’t manage to do. If you are looking for more ideas the 3D Virtual altar was popular another year,  Paper Dali’s doll looked easy and fun, and there is plenty more coloring available, or you may enjoy making a lapbook.

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